Sights of China

Sights of China

China — the country in the Central and East Asia with the capital in Beijing is known not only many architectural sights, but also the original culture, both features of ethnic cuisine, and population and Jacks of all trades who not bad copy the best equipment manufacturers, clothes, and any other goods, selling them for reasonable price.

Dishes of Chinese

The official name of the country — People’s Republic of China. The cuisine of China is famous for an unusual combination of products, commitment to spices, meat (pretty dogs) or fish are served small pieces together with garnishes. Commitment to products in batter from the test or starch is also Chinese fad. Chinese in own way celebrate new year even on February 10, they hospitably welcome guests, these are the people with open soul. A symbol of China is the dragon, and also the country is often called Celestial Empire.

Festival of a dragon China

Here many traditions in the present remain such as well as many centuries back. Chinese consider advanced age respectable, for holidays they do not give large gifts each other, they love rice, do not argue on political subjects, greet a nod of the head and consider red color as color of pleasure and happiness. Remembering sights of China, the first that should be noted, it the Great Wall.

The Great Wall — the main sight of the country

The Great Wall is one of the largest and most ancient monuments of architecture of China. Its total length makes more than 8 thousand kilometers. The wall began to be under construction in the 3rd century BC. when in the country the emperor Qin Shi-Huandi from a dynasty Qin ruled. The wall had to protect China from attacks of barbarians. In particular it had to secure the state against invasion of the nomadic people to a hunn. Nearly one million people were involved in construction of a wall. During board of a dynasty Han the construction extended and completed, the dynasty Qing from Manzhouli, on the contrary, gave a reason to treat a wall with neglect, history at a wall is big and mysterious.

Great wall in China

Legends say that solution for a fastening of stones of a wall was based on powder from human bones, and the dead on building whom there were more than one million people, buried directly in a wall design. It is actually not the truth. Though the wall is also called the longest cemetery on the planet, and it because people here really perished, but nobody did solution of their bones. It was based on usual rice flour. One more legend says that it is possible to see this sight of China from space, but such assumption was made long before the first flight in space and later was disproved.

The summer imperial palace in China

One more not less known sight of China is the Summer imperial palace in park of Ikheyuan which is on the suburb of Beijing. Already according to the name it is possible to understand that this palace served as the summer residence of emperors of one of dynasties, namely Qing. There is a landscape gardening complex of 290 hectares, three quarters of the territory are made by water. The lake which is here supplied Beijing with water, and also was in the way to be transported by sea transport to all neighborhood of the city.

Beijing Ikheyuan

Classical east art is looked through in architecture of this sight of China. Both the nature and created by the person here unites in a single whole. The palace on Chinese sounds as Ikheyuan that in translation means the Garden of the World and Harmony. The palace is more than 800 years old. In 1153 the palace was built during board of a dynasty Jin and was called Gold Holm’s Palace. Park near the palace and the building was many times restored since then, the park was also exposed to updates. In 1998 the sight was entered by UNESCO in the list of the world heritage.

Sculptures of Dezi — unique sight of China

Interesting sight of China it is possible to call rocky sculptures of Dezi also. They are the whole series of religious drawings and sculptures of China which were created till the 7th century of our era. The Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism — all these east religions found the display in this monument of culture. There are sculptures on steep slopes of mountains in the district Dezi in municipality Chongqing.

Dez in Chongqing

These unique petroglyphic sculptures are also objects of the world heritage and consist of 75 protected objects which contain 50 thousand statues, with more than 100 thousand Chinese hieroglyphs, among which and simple inscriptions and epigraphs. The main sights of Dezi at which tourists often come to look are on the mountains Baoding and Beyshan. The earliest of them treat 650 BC.

Sights of China
China is known many that exactly here it is possible to plunge into the bright and unusual atmosphere of east life with its holidays, traditions and culture. Having visited Beijing, you will take out for yourself many new facts about China and its stories.
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Date Published: 03/31/2016

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