Sights of Dublin

Sights of Dublin

Dublin – very old and beautiful city which history lasts more 1000. For such period own style, unique architecture and the city atmosphere was created here. Also Dublin is known for the large number of beautiful views and picturesque places. About all this and not only read in our article.

The museum of Ginness beer – the real sight of Dublin

Museum of Ginness beer

The museum of beer is one of the most anticipated parts of round. The brand of Ginness beer cooks worldwide, in each country, in each large city presently. Without exaggeration it is possible to call it one of symbols of Dublin and all Ireland. “Guinness” began to cook in 1759 – this date can be considered as the beginning of history of the real Irish beer. The museum represents an unusual multystoried construction which walls are made of glass. Each floor of the building is responsible for a certain stage in the history of the company. The design is thought over to trifles so to you will be what to look at and where to be photographed. The special attention should be paid to the last floor of sight. There is a magnificent bar restaurant which allows you to admire beautiful panoramic views of Dublin. Distinctive feature of this museum is that it works late hours, and it gives the chance to enjoy a sunset. All who once here visited, claim that declines are simply magnificent here.

Natural History Museum. Dublin

Visit of a Natural History Museum will be one of the brightest events in round on sights. Here you will find hundreds of unique effigies of animals from around the world. The first floor of the museum is completely devoted to exhibits of the Irish wild nature. Near an entrance door you will see three huge skeletons of the huge deer better known as “the Irish elks”. In the same room banks with strange beings are located. The greatest interest in guests of Dublin for some reason is caused by the embalmed octopuses, bloodsuckers and worms. The following floors are devoted to representatives of water fauna. The real delight is caused by the skeletons of humpback whales suspended to a ceiling found at the end of the 19th century. It is only possible to add that this sight is obligatory for visit.

Triniti college – the center of formation of Dublin

Triniti college

The Triniti college is founded in 1592 by the queen Elizabeth I. It is the oldest university of Ireland and it is considered one of the most authoritative and high quality educational institutions in Europe. Beyond the long-term history walls of college there were whole generations of outstanding writers, thinkers and philosophers. Johnathan Swift, Samuel Beckett and Oscar Wilde were the most famous students. This sight of Dublin also has the own museum. The most important exhibit is the well-known Kellsky book dated the 8th century. It is considered one of the oldest books in the world. Important exhibits are also the unique manuscripts collected from ancient monasteries worldwide.

Saint Stephens Green – natural sight of Dublin


If you were tired and want to have a rest in the fresh air, then visit of park of Saint Stephens Green will be the excellent choice. This sight is located in the center of Dublin so you cannot find it. More than 9 hectares of magnificent gardens, ponds and green plantings will become excellent addition to traditional round on Dublin. On all park tens of monuments of outstanding Irish are located. Since 1664 the sight pleases tourists with unusual flower beds, fountains and purity in all its territory.

The Old Jameson Distillery – atmospheric sight of Dublin

The Old Jameson Distillery

It is located in the heart of Dublin, The Old Jameson Distillery is the excellent vacation spot and acquaintance with culture of Ireland. Here you learn history of the known Irish whisky “from And to I”. Skilled guides will answer any questions of fans of whisky. Also you can take part in tasting of this drink, but only at the end of fact-finding round. Samples of various Irish, Scottish and American types of whisky will be presented to you. It is not surprising that this sight of Dublin enjoys wide popularity among tourists.

Sights of Dublin
Learn more about sights of Dublin in our article. We have only an interesting and useful information. Fine illustrations of Dublin will become excellent addition of article.
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