Sights of Graz

Sights of Graz

Graz – nearly only city in all Europe where such large ensemble of medieval architecture remained. However a bargaining chip of the city are traditional magnificent festivals. One of the most important and popular events of year is the summer festival of classical music “Shtiriart”. For long-term history he managed to develop into a large-scale enchanting spectacle of the fine arts and music.

Eggenberg Castle – magnificent sight of Graz

Graz. Sight Eggenberg Castle

The castle Eggenberg is constructed at the beginning of the 17th century is one more confirmation of skill of the Austrian architects of that time. The lock is completely executed in the spirit of the Renaissance: from a construction form to the last details. The rich interior and a facade of sight harmoniously supplements a magnificent formal garden, by the way, only in Graz!

During excursion you will see the museum of hunting of the count Eggenberg, magnificent banquet and concert halls, and also his personal collection of painting. It is interesting to know that the lock is entered in the list of the World heritage of UNESCO and is one of symbols of Graz.

Ropeway Schlossberg. Sight of Graz

The ropeway is more than 100 years traditional entertainment for tourists. It represents the funicular which lifts people on the abrupt mountain. During rise the tremendous view of beauty of Graz opens. It is the best of all to pass a way back on rocky steps of times of World War I. The ropeway Schlossberg will allow you to take unique pictures and to receive tremendous impressions.

Main square – the central sight of Graz

Main square – heart of tourist life of the city and the greatest congestions of architectural monuments. In the huge territory various entertaining and cultural institutions of Graz are located. Also constantly various boutiques, restaurants and cafe work. All constructions are executed in architectural style of Renaissance and create uniform ensemble. The sight is obligatory for visit, is not dependent on round.

Clock tower of Graz

Graz. Clock tower of Graz

The clock tower located on the mountain Schlossberg became a culmination point of any excursion already traditionally. This sight deserved a city symbol rank as it together with Grats endured the most difficult moments in the history: at first Napoleonic wars, and then and two world wars. At the moment clock tower is an integral part and the true pride of residents of Graz. For hundreds of years there was to kiss an excellent tradition the beloved near a tower. Also people got used to verify time only on a tower, including other hours “wrong”. Interesting feature of this sight is the unique bell of 1382. Similar in Austria there were only several pieces.

Graz. Saint Egidiya’s cathedral

The cathedral is an important cultural and historical monument and the place of pilgrimage of believers. Constructions it is dated the middle of the 15th century and is among the oldest structures of Graz. Surely enter this Gothic masterpiece in the tour across the city.

Arsenal – sight of Graz

Graz. Arsenal

One more interesting sight is the city Arsenal constructed in the 17th century for storage of the weapon. The main task of the Arsenal was fast access for the population to the weapon in case of the next attack of Turks. The architect Antonio Solari who is specially invited from Italy, managed to enter harmoniously a huge warehouse in the general architecture of Graz and to make from it the real sight. At the moment here more than 30 thousand units of the weapon are stored. The first floor is presented by guns, rifles, guns and even deck guns. The second and third floors have the weapon of a cavalry and the Austrian aristocracy. The range of a fighting armor and tournament equipment is widely presented. On the last floor unique copies of military musical instruments are presented.

Other sights of Graz

City park

– the known natural instruction and the popular vacation spot among tourists. If you were tired of excursions, then the park will be in the excellent way to have a rest and relax. Besides there is a magnificent fountain with a set of statues and monuments.

The house of arts

– the futuristic sight of Graz constructed in 2003. In only 10 years it managed to become the main center of the modern art. Here exhibitions of the famous and beginning masters from all corners of Austria are regularly held.

Botanical garden of Graz

– unique high-tech sight, scientific pride of the city. This small construction all the year round supports a certain climatic mode for cultivation of exotic plants.

Sights of Graz
Graz – the known tourist center of Austria. In our article you learn a set of useful information about sights and popular tourist places of Graz.
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Date Published: 03/31/2016

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