Sights of Hamburg

Sights of Hamburg

Hamburg – the main seaport of Germany. On infrastructure and volumes of commodity turnover takes the 3rd place in the world after London and New York. The city can brag of excellent self-government and stable economic growth. Besides Hamburg has centuries-old history during which the unique culture and traditions was created. They influenced creation of sights and formation of a city architecture in general.

Having read our article, you not only learn about tourist places, but also will find much in common between Amsterdam and Hamburg. :)

Showroom. Sight of Hamburg

Reeperbahn. Sight of Hamburg

The well-known art gallery of Hamburg suggests you to pass small digression in the footsteps of formation of art from the Middle Ages to the present. The main direction of Showroom is the explanation and introductions of new forms of art in mass culture. The majority of works are dated the XIV-XVII Art., however the new building of sight is completely devoted to modern creations of art. Surely visit art gallery, join fine!

Reeperbahn – exotic sight of Hamburg

The red light district of Reeperbahn became the most popular place of leisure for inhabitants and guests of Hamburg for a long time. Hundreds of exclusive ladies of easy behavior are capable to diversify your travel on sights of the city. At your disposal there will also be a huge number of entertaining institutions, bars, restaurants and cafe. Among tourists the erotic art museum in which historical exhibits of Reeperbahn are collected has special popularity. If you after all decide to visit this sight, then be very careful, the red light district of Hamburg is famous for a large number of small crimes.

Planten un Blomen – natural sight of Hamburg

In the heart of the city the big park Planten un Blomen is located. The main feature of this park is the magnificent Japanese garden and a huge collection of tropical flowers. Tourists also note purity of this park. In all Hamburg this only place where it is possible to have a rest from vanity and noise of the big city. Planten un Blomen will be the excellent place to arrange picnic or just to read the book. For children there are special playgrounds, an opportunity to drive on a pony and to play minigolf, and in winter time also to visit an ice skating rink. There are regularly concerts and theatrical representations under the open sky therefore it is not necessary to miss definitely!

The world of miracles in a miniature. Sight of Hamburg

Planten un Blomen. Sight of Hamburg

This unusual construction enjoys wide popularity among tourists of all age. In the territory of more than 4000 sq.m you will be able to see tiny models of all types of trains of Germany, however all exposition is the real world in which the leading role belongs to them. Here you will be able to see more than 900 trains from 12 thousand cars, 300 thousand lamps, 200 thousand trees and 200 thousand human figures. This large-scale composition is one of the biggest in the world! By the end of 2015 it is planned to add also landscapes of France, Italy and Great Britain. Annually the sight is visited by tens of thousands of tourists whose most just is excited about what was seen. Do not forget to look also you at “The world of miracles in a miniature”!

Warehouse complex of Hamburg. Known sight

The ancient Gothic complex is used more than 100 years for storage exotic goods from around the world. This part of the city is included into the list of historically important places of Hamburg therefore the decision to make the real sight from a warehouse complex was made. After reconstruction the theater under the open sky, the exclusive museum of spices and regular art exhibitions was added. Also for tourists the old Russian submarine is presented. It is necessary to visit a warehouse complex of Hamburg only because it fine raises mood and gives forces to travel further!

Jungfernstieg. Sight of Hamburg

Jungfernstieg – the place for walks of Hamburg

Jungfernstieg is one of the most beautiful and refined shopping streets in the world. It is decorated by tens of sights and ancient constructions. Along the street the huge number of small groceries and accurate souvenir lodges is located. Here you will be able to drink a coffee cup in an institution of the end of the XVIII century, and also to look at one of the best fountains of Europe. It is interesting to know that Jungfernstieg was the first asphalted street of Germany, as influenced further cultural development and economies of the whole area. Now this sight is an integral part of round on Hamburg.

Saint Yosif’s church. Hamburg

This Catholic church was constructed within five years at the beginning of the 18th century. It is interesting to know that it is located in the heart of the red light district. Surprisingly, but even religious Germans are not confused at all by such neighbourhood of their shrine. Besides the street on which there is a church is devoted to “religious freedom and the right of the moral choice of the person”. The entrance to sight is decorated with Jesus Christ and Saint Iosif’s images, and also various jewelry in Baroque style. After World War II the construction was completely reconstructed, observing all traditions of baroque. Visit Saint Yosif’s church – the true pride of Hamburg.

City town hall. Center of tourism of Hamburg

The city town hall is a downtown and a starting point of any round. Here you will be able to see crowds of tourists which are photographed and buy up souvenirs of local shops. Also the sight is the main reference point on travel on the city. The city town hall is an impressive construction of administrative mission which meets decades and sends tourists of Hamburg.

Sights of Hamburg
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Date Published: 04/09/2016

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