Sights of Luxembourg

Sights of Luxembourg

Luxembourg – the beautiful European country full of sights and significant places. Without watching not the small sizes, the country can brag of a large number of the interesting museums, theaters, and also historical sights which became the hallmark of Luxembourg for a long time.

Abbey Neumuenster – popular sight of Luxembourg

Abbey Neumuenster

The abbey Neumuenster is the popular tourist place and the cultural center of Luxembourg. This sight endured wars and numerous reorganizations after the fires about the long history. During World War II Luxembourg was occupied by nazis who used abbey Neumuenster as prison for prisoners of war. After long repair work, sight the abbey Neumuenster was open for public in May, 2004. Since then the number of tourists, visitors to look at this remarkable sight of Luxembourg, constantly grows.

Bock’s casemates – the most known and most popular sight of Luxembourg

Сasemates of Bock

Ruins of fortress of Lisinburg and underground casemates of Bock in the city of Luxembourg attract to themselves curious tourists from around the world. Construction of this sight was finished in the 17th century. In the same 17th century began building of long underpasses where all residents of the capital of Luxembourg could hide with a large number of supplies and cattle. It is interesting to know that for that time the population of the city made 35 thousand people. More than 23 km of crude tunnels, rooms and the courses during World War II served as a shelter for most of residents of Luxembourg. Now the unique sight Bock’s Casemates is taken under protection of UNESCO. Since 1993 it is authorized to let tourists in this complex of tunnels and the courses of Luxembourg. Tours on casemates are regularly conducted, and guides give to everyone an opportunity to attend special lectures where you will be told about history of Casemates of Bock and fortress of Lisinburg in more detail.

Sights of Luxembourg: cathedral Notre Dame

The sight of Luxembourg, the cathedral Notre Dame is the representative of Gothic architecture who harmoniously combines lines of the Renaissance and classicism. Construction of a cathedral was complete in 1621, but registration of a Gothic interior required decades. Construction of this most beautiful sight of Luxembourg was conducted by Jesuits, but in 1774 the church took over the cities and opened for parishioners. At this time there was a significant event in the history of church: the unique statue of Virgin Mary – very important shrine was transferred to it. Only in 1870 this sight received an honorary title of a cathedral.

The national museum of history and art – an integral part of round on sights of Luxembourg

National museum of history and art – important component of history of Luxembourg. This sight stores works of many masters and ancient artifacts from all territory of the country and the city of Luxembourg. Each inhabitant has to visit this museum, and for the tourist not to visit this sight means not to feel soul of Luxembourg, not to learn what there lived the country and the capital. The subject of the museum strikes with the variety: archeology, classical and modern art, weapon, folklore of Luxembourg, and also centenary history of this small, but very beautiful and ancient state of Europe.

The great ducal palace – sight of Luxembourg

Great ducal dvorts. Luxembourg

The great ducal palace was built between 1572 and 1574 as a town hall in the Renaissance style. Centuries later this unique construction became not only the palace, but also one of the most popular and known tourist sights of Luxembourg. It is the official residence of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg where it carries out the most part of the duties as the head of state. The sight is located in the heart of the capital of Luxembourg. It enjoys wide popularity among tourists as in the residence often there take place receptions of heads of states. If you correctly plan the round on sights of Luxembourg, then you will manage not only to see the head of some state, but also to visit the palace.

The valley of Seven locks – the most beautiful complex of sights of Luxembourg

The valley of Seven locks – the small valley to the northwest from the city of Luxembourg. It is the house for one of the most picturesque and fascinating castles of Europe. First of all, you need to take excursion in this valley, it is in the east from the city of Luxembourg in several kilometers. Surely visit the destroyed medieval castle – popular sight of Luxembourg, the guide has to tell you about its history. Further I advise you to look at the most beautiful locks on both sides on the rivers Aysh on which valley this unique complex of centenary locks – the known sights of Luxembourg among tourists was stretched. Excursion is offered for the whole day, but you should not worry, near this complex all conveniences are equipped: excellent country hotels on reasonable prices, restaurants and cafe from which the surprising view of these sights of Luxembourg opens.

Sights of Luxembourg
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