Sights of Marseille

Sights of Marseille

Since the basis Greeks, huge port and the center of trade Marseille was considered as a titbit for aggressors. For 2500 the city managed to get antique sights and unique instructions of architecture. You will be able to learn detailed information on these unique architectural masterpieces in our today’s article under the name “Sights of Marseille”.

Basilica Notre Dame de la Gard – the known instruction of Marseille


It is possible to call this sight safely one of the best in Marseille. The Romano-Byzantine cathedral Notre Dame de la Gard was constructed in XIX and since then became one of the most visited and known tourist places of the city. It is one of the main places of pilgrimage in France. It is located in the highest point of Marseille – on the hill 162 meters high. As it is possible to notice, on the top of a cathedral Virgin Mary’s statue with the baby is located. Its height makes 60 meters, it it is visible from any point of the city and for miles from the sea. It is interesting to know that construction of this architectural masterpiece of Marseille took only 5 years and demanded more than 170 thousand tons of various materials. Whether you know that for construction of a basilica from Italy marble and porphyry by means of 23 ships was delivered. The interior of sight is decorated not only beautiful frescos and a mosaic, but also a set of ancient relics, medals and even a form of a soccer team of Marseille.

Old port – ancient sight of Marseille

One more important part of round to Marseille is visit of Old port. The name of this sight speaks for itself, its history lasts from 600 years B.C. Greeks landed in these parts, estimated convenience of the territory and decided to create the town for trade here. Gradually the port grew, developed and became the full-fledged city which now we know as Marseille full of sights. The old port is the only sight which reached to us since pioneer settlements of Greeks. However she was not fated to reach in original state: nazis destroyed historical part of the city in fight for Marseille. In 1948 the project of restoration of Old port began to be carried out. Tourists adore this sight as here it is possible just to have a rest from vanity, to walk on port, examining wonderful Mediterranean waters, yachts and fishing boats which slightly rock under an easy breeze. Quite so it is possible to describe feelings which concern tourists during visit of Old port – sight of Marseille.

Chateau d’If – the sight of Marseille which became famous in literature

Chateau d'If. Marseille

The world popularity to the lock on the island If was brought by the novel “Count Monte-Cristo” of the French writer Alexandre Dumas. In it it is told about the conclusion of the main character in Chateau d’If. Work conceived huge popularity in the world therefore thousands of persons interested with own eyes appeared to see imprisonments of the main character. Initially the sight reflected as a fort, but at the beginning of the 17th century it functioned as prison for political and religious criminals of Marseille. Over time it made Chateau d’If one of the most terrible and notorious prisons in France. The island is located in only 3,5 km from Old port that is very conveniently for tourists and just wishing to examine this known sight of Marseille.

Marseille. Architectural instruction Faro’s Palace

Faro's palace. Marseille

This sight is one of the richest and impressing in Marseille. Faro’s palace was built in the 19th century as the embankment Napoleon III’s residence. The building facade directed directly towards the notorious lock on the island If – also known sight of Marseille. The palace is completely open for visitors, besides here often there take place various art exhibitions. But most of tourists come to this sight of Marseille to enjoy a primitive unsurpassed interior of the Palace of Faro. If to you has the luck, then you will be able to become the witness of the next conference or the beginning of a formal reception who very often here are carried out.

Virgin Mary’s cathedral in Marseille – surprising beauty sight of Marseille

Virgin Mary's cathedral

This magnificent temple was built by order of Napoleon III in the 19th century and stood for those times the huge sum of money – 14 million francs gold. The sight is constructed in the Byzantine-Roman style in 1852 – 1896. Since 1896 has the status of a basilica. Virgin Mary’s cathedral in Marseille just fascinates by the faultless facade and a rich interior. It is necessary to tell about ideally thought over decorative sculptures which decorate with themselves practically all rooms of sight. The separate attention should be paid to temple mosaics. As they kept within the best French masters of those times. To all this, the instruction can accomodate in itself about 3000 parishioners. Tourists always with admiration enjoy this architectural miracle. As well as the majority of sights of Marseille, Virgin Mary’s Cathedral it is located near the sea.

Port Grand piano (Porte d’Aix) – world famous sight of Marseille

Porte d’Aix – one of the most impressive places of Marseille. It is the known triumphal arch created by French the architect Pencho Michele-Robert. On development of the project of the author arches of the Roman Empire which style Pencho also adopted inspired. Building of sight was complete in 1839. It was devoted by memories of the Parisian world of 1783. and personally to Louis XIV. Visit of a triumphal arch not only will bring you a set of positive emotions, and still will well acquaint you with Marseille. In this article you got acquainted with the best tourist places and sights of the largest port of France and all Mediterranean.

Sights of Marseille
Marseille – tourist and shopping center of France. In our article you learn a set of useful and interesting information about sights and popular tourist places of Marseille.
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