Sights of Montreal

Sights of Montreal

Montreal – one of the most beautiful and convenient for life the city of the world. A quiet rhythm of life and pleasure in every afternoon – here the main values of locals. At the moment Montreal is the largest river port in the world. However in far 1642 on the place of this megalopolis there was a small missionary village. Gradually from it the city the handsome who attracts tourists from around the world grew.

In Monreale you wait for pleasant bonuses in the form of festivals and show. Come here in the summer, and you will see race of Formula One of the Grand Prix of Canada, you will be able to participate in a local and international festival of beer, to look at a festival of dances and theater, and also to enjoy a festival of arts in Montreal. You will be able to see all this, without coming off studying of architecture and sights. It is necessary to make just correctly round and nothing will remain without your attention. For this reason you got on our article which will help you to choose the best tourist places.

Old Montreal – the center of sights of Montreal

Ancient monuments of architecture which reached us practically in original state densely settled down in the small territory in the downtown. For tourists Old Montreal traditionally became a starting point of round on sights. Beautiful ancient buildings make impression that you got to the European city of the 16th century. To you will point paved streets, medieval signs, almost untouched facade of each building to it. Most of tourists simply walks on small streets, enjoying views of Old Montreal. However we advise you to visit here the museums Point – and – Calliere (the museum of history of the city), Ch?teau Ramezay (pictures and artifacts), and also the Basilica Notre Dame.

Basilica Notre Dame. Sight of Montreal

Basilica Notre Dame. Sight of Montreal

This architectural masterpiece has nothing in common with Notre Dame de Paris, except for the name. Created in 1829, the building of a basilica became an integral part of any round in Montreal. The sight at once became famous for the rich interior and not less impressive exterior. Stained-glass windows, pictures, statues, an altar – in all gold and jewelry. The basilica is a popular venue of cultural actions. Here often the known orchestras give concerts. These concerts are very popular and attract large audience of fans of music. The symphonic orchestra of Montreal enjoys wide popularity. It is interesting to know that in a warm season the sight is visited by more than 2500 tourists a day. Also you are so convinced, the basilica Notre Dame is how fine.

The underground city – modern sight of Montreal

Underground city. Montreal

If you wish to buy new things or just to learn what there lives the modern fashion, then the Underground city for you. Here the wide network of the international boutiques, and also a set of small shops settled down. All of them offer you the huge range of clothes, footwear, costume jewelry and jewelry. Montreal is considered one of the most favorable cities of Canada for shopping. Besides a variety of goods, the Underground city can brag of the huge range of services. In your arrangement there will be various food courts, movie theaters, fast food, entertaining institutions, and also a huge number of other services and goods.

Casino of Montreal – worldfamous sight

Casino de Montr?al – the biggest in Canada and one of the largest casinos in the world. It works daily, 24 hours a day. The casino consists of 3 big pavilions in which there are more than 3200 gaming machines, more than 115 game tables, a huge number of lotteries and virtual games. At your disposal 4 restaurants, 3 bars and cabaret. In a word, this sight is the beautiful place properly to have a rest.

Sight the Olympic stadium – a symbol of Montreal

Olympic stadium. Montreal

Constructed in 1976 to the summer Olympic Games, the stadium became an integral part of a city architecture. At the moment this arena is one of symbols not only Montreal, but also sport of Canada. The Olympic stadium can accomodate more than 65 thousand people. On this indicator it keeps superiority in the country. The sight enjoys wide popularity among tourists and residents. Everyone can visit football matches of the national team or local clubs, look at baseball or descend on regular concerts at stadium. It is interesting to know that the tower which is a part of stadium is the largest inclined tower in the world. Its height makes 175 meters.

Botanical garden – one of the most beautiful sights of Montreal

The botanical garden is a collection from 22 000 species of plants, surprising exhibitions, a fine tree nursery, and also more than 30 thematic gardens. From the middle of May until the end of October fantastic pass the train will take you on all garden and will deliver in the necessary point. At a botanical garden the insectarium of Montreal is located. Here the huge number of insects from around the world is collected. It is the largest Canadian insectarium and one of the world’s largest. Among tourists collections of butterflies, bees and ants enjoy special popularity. It is interesting to know that average attendance of sight makes 400 thousand people a year. Surely visit this remarkable botanical garden and a rearing cage.

Planetarium – fascinating sight of Montreal

Planetarium. Montreal

The capital of Quebec pleases us with one more amazing place. The city planetarium will present you the sea of interesting information and positive emotions. Here multimedia shows for people of all age who will acquaint with the fascinating world of astronomy and space researches are offered. The star theater of sight calculated on 385 people. Over theater the hemispherical dome, 20 meters in the diameter weighs. The light is turned off and all plunge into fascinating hour show. Do not forget to visit also you this sight of Montreal.

Sights of Montreal
Montreal – one of the most beautiful and convenient for life the city of the world. A quiet rhythm of life and pleasure in every afternoon – here the main values of locals.
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Date Published: 04/01/2016

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