Sights of Stockholm

Sights of Stockholm

The capital of Scandinavia is glad to welcome any tourist, Stockholm is not only huge number of unique medieval sights, but also kind, friendly and hospitable people. This article is devoted to the best sights of Stockholm.

The municipality building – the main sight of Stockholm

Municipality building

Among all sights of the capital of Sweden for the whole world only the municipality building is known (town hall). Annually on December 10 in this unique building the ceremony of delivery of the Nobel Prize is held. The strict facade of sight and three gold crowns at top of a tower will help you to find this famous construction of Stockholm. When you take excursion on the municipality building, the greatest attention the unsurpassed Gold hall should light. Its walls are covered with a magnificent mosaic of handwork. It is better to take excursion with the guide who will in detail show all rooms and halls, and also will tell you about a story of sight and about procedure of rewarding of the Nobel Prize. Surely visit this unique construction of Stockholm.

The museum of national antiquities – historical sight of Stockholm

Museum of national antiquities

History of Sweden since prehistoric times and is fascinatingly stated up to now in the Museum of national antiquities of Stockholm. First of all the tourist will be struck by abundance of the most ancient archaeological artifacts and treasures. The most popular is the impressive collection of gold products of Vikings which stored the treasures in various hiding places across all Sweden. The most valuable possession of sight are dated the Middle Ages. One of the most expensive and esteemed jewelry of this period is the magnificent gold reliquary decorated with jewels which contains Saint Elizabeth Hungarian skull – princesses of the Hungarian kingdom (1212 – 1231). To all interested in history of Sweden, I advise to visit this sight of Stockholm.

Yurgorden – the island of Stockholm full of sights

Yurgorden - the island of Stockholm

Yurgorden (Game Park) – the island in the center of Stockholm, known for the beautiful green plantings, a set of parks and the known tourist sights. The island Yurgorden is the best vacation spot in Stockholm, and also the biggest place of a congestion of tourists. It is interesting to know that annually this island full of sights visits more than 10 million people. Pedestrian excursion on Yurgordena, will be ideal that can be better than walk in the fresh air on the oldest streets of Stockholm. With the guide or without, your walk all the same will be unforgettable, that to you prevents to take the old-fashioned tram of 1950, popular in Yurgordena, and will enjoy unforgettable romantic travel in the center of Stockholm.

Sight Grona Lund (Grona Lund) – the best amusement park of Stockholm

Grona Lund - the best amusement park of Stockholm

This amusement park was open in 1883. As well as a set of other sights, Grona Lund Yurgorden in Stockholm is located on the island. The park offers typical attractions: the room of laughter, a haunted house, hills and many other things, however enjoys it wide popularity among tourists. This results from the fact that during the summer period the sight hosts various concerts of the Swedish and foreign entertainment stars, and also regular speeches of actors. The theater is located to all this in the territory of sight and constantly there take place various art exhibitions. So you have an excellent opportunity to have a good time and to be enriched culturally, having visited only one sight of Stockholm.

Gamla Stan. Stockholm

Gamla Stan – a congestion of ancient sights of Stockholm

Gamla Stan is one of the largest and the most remained medieval city centers in Europe and one of the main sights in Stockholm. Gamla Stan was based in 1252. Narrow twisting paved small streets with the beautiful buildings painted in various shades of gold give Gamla Stan unique character. In the territory of sight it is located many nice little shops offering the huge choice of souvenirs and gift sets of handwork. On Gaml Stan the largest sight in the area ? the Royal palace is located. It is one of the largest palaces in the world. The number of rooms in it exceeds 600. In addition to various rooms there are several interesting museums, including Royal Armory with royal armor. Being in round on sights of Stockholm, do not miss parade of a military orchestra and daily changing of the guard, believe, this unforgettable show.

Sights of Stockholm
In this article we will tell you about the best sights of Stockholm. Pleasantly issued and interesting information on sights of the capital of Scandinavia will help you to make the round correctly.
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Date Published: 04/03/2016

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