Sights of Sydney

Sights of Sydney

The capital of the most remote state that is in the Pacific Ocean and occupies all continent – it is Sydney, Australia. The country is famous for the coral Great Barrier Reef, a real miracle of the nature which became the tourist center, and also surprises unusual color with mountain top of the Ayers Rock. Here the rare and magnificent fauna and the fine nature are successfully combined with the developed megalopolises, and natural sights – with an urbanization. One of such cities can consider also Sydney.

Sight of Sydney – Maunt Ennan

Botanical garden of Sydney

Sydney is the capital of Australia and contains in itself hundreds of sights. The city on the seashore represents a combination of skyscrapers in the business center with the medieval buildings built in the Mediterranean style. There are both restaurants, and hotels, and parks, and beaches, and theaters. The large modern port and the building of opera theater can quite be considered as capital symbols.

One of sights of Sydney which is also a standard of beauty of the nature is the Botanical garden Maunt Ennan. It is on 416 hectares of the hilly district in the southwest of Sydney. Here the Australian plants which there are about 4 thousand copies grow. And the park was open not so long ago, only in 1988 and its foundress there was a York duchess Sara Fergusson.

Flowers in the Botanical garden

In 200 kilometers from Sydney in 1994 the special species of pines in the territory of Vollemi’s park was found. And in 1995 such pines began to cultivate also in Maunt Ennan, calling them vollemsky pines. Some time trees were placed in steel cages to protect them from theft, pines were considered as very valuable. Pines can be considered as a peculiar sight of the Botanical garden of Sydney in which there is the most unique collection of the first generation of pines in the world today that contains 60 copies.

Trees in Maunt Ennan

Traditionally, sight of the city Maunt Ennan is divided into several platforms which differ by species of plants, it both the Garden of Big Plans, and the Garden of banksiya, and the Garden of the Australian acacias. Here live to the wallaby and a vallar, more than 160 bird species fly. In a garden there are zones for picnics, the set of pedestrian roads which were stretched on 20 kilometers are laid here. This sight of Sydney – a real paradise for tourists who want to feel part of the nature, to have a rest among its sounds and beauty. In 1986 in a garden constructed the research botanical Bank of Seeds of New South Wales center. Its task was to provide with seeds of plants a garden. It were seeds of eucalyptuses, acacias and others.

Sight of Sydney – Dzhenolansky caves

Dzhenolansky caves are considered as one more sight of Sydney. They are on slopes of the Blue Mountains near the capital of Australia, approximately in 175 kilometers. In 1841 the runaway convict from prosecutions of gendarmes took cover here and already after him considered as the pioneer of caves. Caves as early as years 30 after that were investigated and were not open for visit by tourists. At the end of the 19th century their ardent admirer Jeremy Wilson lodged in caves and for 35 years was engaged in their research. He told to the world of beauty of this sight of Sydney.

Dzhenolansky caves Sydney

In 1866 caves were taken under protection of the state, and in 1884 they were named by Dzhenolanskimi, and this name remained and until now. They say that many who came into caves without attendant who knows these places, could not leave it did not get out of this underground kingdom any more. This sight of Sydney has the symbolical name which in language of natives means “highly”. Caves are formed by the rivers Coke and Fish which reserved underground channels, hitting in calcareous deposits during one hundred thousands of years. Caves differ among themselves, among them is dark and light. Caves the Big Arch, Carlotta’s Arch, are such into which, through numerous openings, the sunlight gets. Being going to go to excursion on natural sights of the country, such as caves, take with yourself a small lamp.

Sights of Sydney
It is possible to distinguish a set of nature sanctuaries and architecture from sights of Sydney, but natural sights prevail among them. A botanical garden, caves and gorges - all this tells us about that, our planet is how old.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016

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