Sights of Venice

Sights of Venice

Each person has a city of dream, but there are cities which it is possible to call general dream as most of inhabitants of the planet seek to get at least once to lives there. One of such cities can call Venice. As well as Paris in France, this Italian city is annually visited by thousands of tourists from around the world, but what its such popularity consists in? The cities of dream are those places where the special atmosphere where it is possible to feel the inhabitant at the same time of several eras reigns, to appear on a joint of centuries. The city is more senior, the more in it the combination of eras in architecture, streets, long-term trees and parks, channels and even air is looked through.

How is in Venice?


Venice was founded in the 6th century, constructed on 118 islands in a lagoon on the Adriatic Sea. The city all is on water, here splash of waves which fight about socles of buildings is heard everywhere, here it is possible to move only on gondolas and boats, and the land type of transport is forbidden. This feature of Venice so attracts to itself travelers. Moving on the gondola operated by the gondolier, filling up under silent noise of water at night in the apartment, people are relieved of stresses here. Water adjusts on tranquility and harmony, forces even to feel on weekdays comfortable. Locals for certain come every day to work with good mood.

It is heavy to imagine that Venice can be similar to the usual megalopolis where all hurry somewhere. Here life flows so slowly and is weakened that the impression as if it is possible just to live and rejoice, not to pursue career and the power is made, not to work for the sake of money, and just for pleasure. Tourists, if they come from noisy big cities with a set of cars here, should learn to live at locals to enjoy life and not to hurry. In Venice there are about 400 bridges and nearly 200 channels, water trams, boats and gondolas drive about everywhere, all this is continuous romanticism.

Traditions from the past and holidays

St. Mark's Basilica Venice

Venice has the long history full of take-off and falling. The city was founded by exiles who took refuge in the Venetian lagoon from hordes of barbarians. Venice was the certain state, her crusaders took Constantinople in the 13th century. After capture by Napoleon in the 18th century, Venice was transferred to Austria. Only in the 19th century Venice became part of Italy. Being under the power of so different states, the city absorbed in itself particles of culture of each country that is reflected in lifestyle, a mentality and behavior of locals, in traditions, kitchen and holidays.

As Venice is part of Italy, here too there is a tradition to celebrate carnivals. The known Carnival of Venice takes place at Piazza San Marco, it continues 12 days, all put on in motley suits and arrange procession, here it is possible to participate in various competitions and just cheerfully to spend time. The carnival is begun in 10 days prior to the beginning of the Lent, and the tradition of its celebration originates in paganism times.

The best sights in Venice

The channel in Venice

As all city is built on water, the base of constructions has multilayered system that neutralizes formation of silt. Palaces in historic center of Venice are built in Mauritian style with gothic style elements. Many newlyweds carry out the honeymoon exactly here, boating, having a rest at cozy small restaurants and walking on quiet small streets between channels. Sights of Venice it is possible to call San Marko Square and the cathedral of the same name, palace Dodzhey, “the Channel the Grandee” and others. A symbol of Venice – a stone winged lion at column top at San Marko Square, a high belltower where in the 17th century Galilei installed the telescope, the Gold altar in St. Mark’s Basilica, the main street of Venice the Grandee – all these places first of all tourists try to visit Channel, gathering for excursion across Venice. At the end of August on Lido’s island the oldest film festival in the world is held, at the beginning of September arrange rowing competitions here. From the fact that very many residents of other countries seek to spend the holidays in Venice or to escape here though for couple of days, there is everything for reception of guests from around the world here: cozy small restaurants with traditional Italian cuisine, comfortable hotels, it is possible to lease a gondola and to employ the guide in interesting places of the city.

Sights of Venice
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 04/09/2016
The romantic city of Italy under the name Venice is always glad to accept persons interested to learn about this city more and to see it own eyes in the embraces. To admire a sunset which hides for Gothic columns of buildings, to try dishes of Italian cuisine, to enjoy slowness and harmony which reigns here everywhere you will be able, having only visited Venice.

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