Sights of Warsaw

Sights of Warsaw

Many Poles call the capital cultural heart of the homeland, exactly around it and Poland as the European state developed. However history did not indulge Warsaw peaceful and quiet life: 85% of structures of the city were destroyed during World War II. Also the main sights failed. But years went, and the main architectural values of the capital restored. Built up also the Royal castle — heart of the Old city.

The old city (Star?wka) – pride of Warsaw!

Old city. Warsaw

The old city was founded in the 13th century in an environment of city walls. Every century it changed and reconstructed, up to World War II at the time of which it was completely destroyed. However in the near future all constructions were carefully reconstructed, and all Star?wka is included in the List of the World heritage of UNESCO.

The old city is that sight which any tourist is simply obliged to visit. Charming small streets and traditional houses create the unforgettable atmosphere of tranquility and harmony. The old city is also the place of acquaintances and Sunday family walks, very popular in Warsaw. The special attention of the tourist is drawn by a set of unique restaurants, cafe, craft shops and art galleries. Fine addition to these beauty are sidewalk artists who will do everything possible that you forever remembered the travel to the Old city.

Sight Royal castle. Warsaw.

The royal castle, still as the wooden fortress of dukes of Mazoviya, was built in the 14th century. In the near future the king Siegmund III made it the residence and a venue of Polish Sejm. For the long history the lock was completely destroyed at the time of World War II, newly built up and cardinally changed in the late eighties last century. However among Poles he did not lose historical value to this day. Presently it is a monument of national culture and enjoys wide popularity among tourists and guests of Warsaw. Surely visit the Royal castle – a symbol of firmness and force of the Polish people.

Palace of culture and sciences – “favourite” sight in Warsaw

Sight Royal castle. Warsaw.

The palace of culture and sciences represents a high, massive 42-storey “Stalin and Gothic” construction in style of social realism. Height of an architectural instruction makes more than 230 m therefore it is possible to declare safely that this highest building of Warsaw and even all Poland. In fact, the main plus of sight is the fine terrace on the 30th floor. From this point the tremendous panoramic view of the city opens!

It is also necessary to note that the palace of culture and sciences always was not to liking to Poles, however among tourists enjoys wide popularity. All the matter is that this construction was “Stalin’s gift to the Polish people”. And today the known joke that from a terrace of the palace the best view of Warsaw because this only place in the city where it is not visible this sight opens goes here.

Churches of Warsaw. Sightseeing tour

Saint Ioann’s cathedral – the oldest Gothic church of the capital of Poland. This architectural masterpiece is one of the main shrines of the Polish people. The majority of crownings of the Polish governors took place exactly here. At the time of World War II Germans destroyed Saint Ioann’s cathedral only because it was symbols of former power of Poland. Presently it was completely reconstructed and opened for visitors.

Palace of culture and sciences. Warsaw.

Saint Anne’s church – one of the most known sights of Warsaw. In all Europe admire an ideal combination of a facade in style of neoclassicism and a rich interior in style of late baroque. Among tourists the church enjoys wide popularity thanks to a high belltower with which the tremendous view of the Old city, the river and the center opens.

The Saint church of Maria has very great historical value as during war it was turned into field hospital and played an important role in defensive battles for Warsaw. Now the Saint Church of Maria is a cathedral of the Polish armed forces.

Monuments of Warsaw – part of round on sights!

The capital of Poland in Europe is often called “the city of monuments”. The matter is that here not only love monuments, but also regularly build new! The set of the known monuments is at Zamkovaya square among which the 22nd meter statue of the king Sigismund III towers. In the Old city it is necessary to notice a monument to heroes of the Warsaw revolt of 1944 and a bronze figure of the boy soldier. Also it is necessary to visit fine statues of the poet Adam Mickiewicz, the duke J?zef Ponyatovsky, the inventor Nicolaus Copernicus and the ingenious Polish composer Frederic Chopin.

To see all sights for one round – it is simply unreal, however following our guide, you will be able correctly to plan your round on sights.

Parks – natural sights of Warsaw

The European Warsaw.

Lazenki’s park is the best place for walk with the camera in hands. Matter not only in the beautiful nature, and and in local squirrels who managed to adapt well to tourists and nutlets and others safely ask “squirrel pleasures”. In park you are waited by traditional Sunday concerts near a monument to the ingenious composer Frederic Chopin and a number of excursions on palaces in the territory of park. The Old Greenhouse of Warsaw, the Myslevitsky palace, and also the unique Palace on water – the summer residence of the king enjoy the greatest popularity.

The picturesque nature and rich architecture will give you vital forces and positive emotions. For this reason Lazenki’s park is included into all tours across the city.

Near the Old city the magnificent park “Saxon Garden” is located. The sight is an elegant combination of baroque sculptures and a well-groomed garden. In the center of park the big fountain of the 19th century, and also integral composition from flowers, on the bed surrounding the fountain settles down. The Saxon garden is often visited by foreign politicians of high level with informal visits so you have a quite good opportunity to get acquainted with the influential official.

Sights of Warsaw
Information on sights and popular tourist places of Warsaw. Information is conveniently issued and presented in the form of the small guide on the capital of Poland. Also you are waited by a small photo of the best places of Warsaw.
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