Sightseeings of USA

sightseeings of USA

United States – a country in North America. Capital – Washington. Biggest cities: New York and Los Angeles. According to the latest data, the population of over 320 million people. The country is bordered by Canada, Mexico, and also with Russia on the sea border. It is washed by three oceans: the Pacific, Atlantic, Arctic North.

United States – is a relatively young country, formed in the second half of the XVIII century with the union of the thirteen British colonies. However, in North America and before significant events occurred. The continent itself was opened at the end of the XV century by Columbus. Over time, he came under British control. And only in 1783 the United States were officially recognized as an independent state.

According to the administrative division, the country’s 50 states, the District of Columbia and a number of islands. Official language – English (US dialect). Form of government – presidential republic. Almost half of the territory occupied by mountain ranges, plateaus and plateaus of the Cordilleras. The highest point – Mount McKinley.

On the border of the United States and Canada are the Great Lakes. Tourists are also attracted to the Grand Canyon on the Colorado Plateau and the legendary Hollywood. The climate is mild, but in some southern regions is tropical, and in the north – the Arctic.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas – a world-renowned center of entertainment and gambling; city in the United States (Nevada), located in the heart of the Mojave Desert. Many people call Las Vegas the world mecca of gambling. Its expanse of several thousand gaming halls, hundreds of casinos and luxury hotels. Every year the city is visited by over 38 million people.

City of Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas – a city of a dream, an oasis in the desert for people who want to plunge into the world of entertainment and excitement. Games are the most important attraction of the city and the main source of income. Sometimes people call it Sin City, that is, “Sin City”. In Las Vegas, you can find a wide variety of people. Here there are rich gentlemen, accompanied by companions, couples with children, single bachelors in search of adventure, old ladies, etc.

The first thing that catches your eye at the entrance to the city, it is a riot of colors and advertising. The bulk of the gambling establishments located in the downtown, on Fremont Street and Las Vegas Strip. Universally recognized symbols of the city are the copies of the world’s landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower, the Brooklyn Bridge, the Sphinx, St. Mark’s Square, the skyscrapers of New York. Each of these objects inside hides none other than the casino.

City of Las Vegas

Fun and entertainment events in Las Vegas never ends. There are sports, concerts of famous musicians, themed shows, dancing and Broadway musicals. It depends on the time of day. In the evening there are more family-oriented show, and at night – oriented adult audience. Lack of entertainment in this gambling oasis is not. Avid players spend sleepless nights in the casino, in an attempt to break a big jackpot, and only in the morning come to the hotel.

The name of this unique city with a Spanish translates as “fertile valley.” Its history began in the first half of the 19th century, when passing by the sun weary caravan from Texas. One of the travelers, Mexican R. Rivera, on the way found a resource of artesian water, which gave the name “Las Vegas.” However, the development of the city began only after a visit to the notorious at the time George. Fremont. In his honor it is named one of the main streets of Vegas.

Getting to Las Vegas on the plane can be of any large US city. From McCarran airport to the city center can be reached by taxi or shuttle bus. Between Las Vegas and California cities connected by buses.


Broadway Street, New York, USA

America attractions. Broadway – one of the most famous streets in the world; the oldest and longest street in New York. On this street, eager to visit all US visitors. It stretches across Manhattan and the Bronx by as much as 25 kilometers or more. The most famous is part of Manhattan. Walking down Broadway may take all day.

With the English street name means “wide street”, which generally correspond to reality. This name is also used to refer to the American theater, as this street is the Theatre District. Initially, the area was a swamp, marsh and rocky areas in Manhattan. Broadway was built after the arrival of the Dutch to the continent. They turned the city into New Amsterdam and Broadway made its main street.

Broadway Street, New York

Tourists know that today is the most elegant street of the United States. It is based on all the most exquisite shops, exhibitions, restaurants, museums, skyscrapers. It is best to start a walk from the ancient Manhattan squares toward the center of the city. One of the main objects in this way is “The Museum of the American Indian.” Particular attention is drawn to the Broadway skyscrapers narrowed tops. This project was chosen in order not to steal from the residents of the city sky. These buildings are offices of major companies and financial institutions in the country.

For the business area is an old serving St. Paul. Creative people like to be in Soho was once a working-class neighborhood. Today it is full of art galleries, trendy shops and restaurants. The area between the 42 th and 53 th street is very popular among tourists. It is called the “Great White Way” and includes the famous Times Square. This site is filled with lights and advertising boards and surrounded by huge skyscrapers. The special charm gives it a Broadway theaters, which put the best musicals in the world.


Alcatraz – the famous prison-museum in San Francisco, USA, which is located on the same island. In the mid-19th century, the island was fortified military fort, which eventually was transformed into a maximum security prison. Ice water in conjunction with a strong sea currents created Alcatraz perfect insulation.

Museum Alcatraz prison, San Francisco, USA

Today the island is located not only prison, but also the museum, there are more than 30 years. From the harbor of San Francisco to Alcatraz can be reached in just 15 minutes by sea transport. For over 100 years the island has been a nightmare for those who are not lucky enough to get on it. Currently, it is one of the most visited attractions in San Francisco.

It really is something to see. It barred the passages, solitary confinement, strong punishment cells and other gloomy room, after which you start to appreciate freedom more. Perhaps the most famous prisoner on the island was the father of the legendary Al Capone mob. The history of this mysterious place goes to the distant 18th century, when he discovered the Spanish explorer Juan Manuel de Ayala. He called the island of Alcatraz, which translates from Spanish as the “Pelican”.

Museum Alcatraz prison

Construction of the prison began in 1909. In different periods, and it served as a military prison and detention of especially dangerous recidivists. From the island tried to escape many criminals, but not everyone is successful. One of the most well-organized shoots planned to Al Capone. Together with other members of a mafia clan he managed to escape from Alcatraz on makeshift rafts.

To get to the attractions is easiest by ferry, departing from Pier 33 in San Francisco. Since 1973, the prison became available for general visits. Today it functions as a museum and as an observation deck, which offers magnificent views of the Straits, along with the bridge “Golden Gate”. On inspection of the prison, as a rule, it takes about 2.5 hours.

Empire State Building

Empire State Building, New York, USA

Empire State Building – skyscraper in Art Deco style; the highest building in New York and US character. This 102-storey skyscraper in the territory of Manhattan became the first building in the world higher than 100 floors. In 1986, he was added to the National Historic Landmark.

43 meters with a spire. Since about 6500 the building windows, their single washing requires a minimum of 150 liters of washing liquid. Designing buildings took place under the supervision of W. Lamb.

At first it was difficult to complete such an extensive office space, especially since the yard was the Great Depression, but the review of the building ground for the first year of operation has brought considerable income. However, for investors only costs paid off in 19 years. Today, in the building of 73 lifts, more than 1000 companies-tenants and tens of thousands of workers.

Empire State Building

Unfortunately, the observation deck of Empire State has often been the starting point for suicide. Therefore taken increased precautions. Just two tower observation platform. One is located at 86 floor and the other at the very top, ie, 102 floor. Eyewitnesses claim that the views of Manhattan from both sites offer incredible.

Particularly popular to visit the tower in the evening, and when the building, and the city immersed in the colorful illuminations. Geographically, it is located on Fifth Avenue between the streets of West 33rd Street and West 34th Street. The nearest metro station – 34th Street / Herald Square.

Central Park

America attractions. Central Park – one of the largest urban parks in the United States; a favorite place of recreation for residents and visitors to New York. Every year it is visited by over 25 million people, making it the most visited park in the country.

Central Park, New York, USA

Territorial Park is located in Manhattan between 5th and 8th Avenue. It covers a vast area between the streets 59 and 110. The total length of the park – 4 km. This is a real green oasis, an island of tranquility in the bustling Manhattan. People come here not only for relaxing in the shade of the trees, but also to admire the architectural masterpieces and sculptures.

For example, the park is a picturesque Belvedere Castle off the coast of Turtle Pond. Here are the puppet theater and an open-air theater Delacorte. One of the most important buildings for the whole city is the Metropolitan Museum of Art on the eastern end of the park.

Central Park, New York

The park regularly hosts free performances, concerts and various performances. For active recreation for children and adults all conditions. You can ride a bike, roller skating, and even on two ice rinks. Fans of living creatures in the park will be especially comfortable. There a large number of protein and migratory birds.

Of particular note is Central Park Zoo – Central Park Zoo, famous throughout the world after reaching the screens of the cartoon “Madagascar.” While in New York, found the park is a snap, as it is located in the heart of Manhattan. It is open to the public daily from 6:00 am until late at night. Entrance to the park free.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley – the national symbol of the United States and Hollywood westerns; unique geological landmark, is located partly in Arizona partly in Utah. Sometimes this valley called the Valley of Monuments. It is located in the reserve of the indigenous Indian population Navajo.

Monument Valley, United States

This natural wonder is located in the heart of a vast plateau at the border of the two states. Who would have thought that such views can not be created by man, and the only Sears winds hone sandy rocks for millions of years. Historically, this area is assigned to the Indians of the Navajo. They still live in the Valley, without the need for such modern conveniences as running water and electricity. As a rule, Excursions include visits to Indian settlements.

It is noteworthy that the vast valley grow juniper and sage. These plants look spectacular against the backdrop of reddish rocks. The height of the rock rests varies from 12 to 300 meters. One of the 300-meter giants called “Castle”, as crowned with battlements. The other best-known formations are two lumps called “Mittens”. One of them is “oriental”, another – “Western”. They depart from the main part of the individual formations resembling thumbs mittens, and why the name stuck.

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is considered to be the prototype of a Hollywood western. Indeed, against the backdrop of the picturesque rocks was filmed is not a sharp one “cowboy” movie in the style of the Wild West. For the first time the unique scenery appeared in the western “Stagecoach” (1938).

The park is open to visitors daily from early morning. Hours vary depending on the season. At the entrance visitors receive circuit with a route by which allowed to move. Remote corners of the valley can be explored both on horseback and in jeeps. By public transport to get to the attractions can not be, because there is no such. Usually come here to rent a car from nearby cities or airports. Distance from Las Vegas is about 640 kilometers to the southern tip of the Grand Canyon – 270 km.

Sightseeings of USA
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