Swedish ice hotel began to work all year round

Swedish ice hotel began to work all year round

The Swedish Jukkasjarvi reopened the famous ice hotel, which is created here every winter 27 consecutive years. However, this time the hotel melts in the spring, as usual, and will be able to accept guests all year round.

Icehotel 365 – the oldest and the largest hotel in the world created entirely from ice. Every year for the right to issue its numbers compete ice sculptors and carvers from around the world. Total hotel area of 1200 square meters offers 21 rooms in which guests will find a warm sleeping bags. The hotel guests as well – ice bar and ice sculpture gallery, where classes for everyone to create their own work of art of frozen water are carried out.

To ice hotel functioned in the summer, it took the efforts of all the engineers and technicians, according to the website Icehotel 365. The special equipment, the temperature in the premises is maintained at -5 degrees. Now tourists can choose: to come to the Icehotel 365 polar night to watch the northern lights and go dog sledding or polar day, to walk under the midnight sun. The cost of living in the ice hotel – 2450 Swedish kronor (250 Euros) for a double room.

JukkasjÀrvi is situated approximately 17 kilometers from the north of Sweden in Kiruna airport, 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

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