Ten of the best markets in the world from CNN

Ten of the best markets in the world from CNN

Tourists love to visit markets and bazaars in different countries – it is there that one can feel the identity of new places for travelers, purchase exotic products and try regional specialties. Media Corporation CNN has prepared a rating of the best markets in the world, each of which can be called a popular tourist attraction.

According to the rating, the best in the world was the market Boqueria in the center of Barcelona, ​​leading its history from the XIII century. It attracts tourists with a unique architectural style, fresh products and a lot of small restaurants and eateries where you can have lunch. The city authorities even had to limit access to the tourist groups’ market, which prevented sellers and buyers.

The second place in the ranking was taken by the fish market Tsukiji in Tokyo, known far beyond Japan. It is the largest wholesale fish and seafood base in the world. Look at the emotional auction, which sells and purchases lots of expensive varieties of fish, many tourists gather. Here you can also taste a variety of dishes from the freshest seafood.

On the third line of the rating is the farmer’s market in Union Square in New York. In the heart of Manhattan are the best traders fish, meat, farmers, bakers – only about one and a half hundred sellers. On peak days, the market is visited by up to 60 thousand people. Here even go on school excursions.

In fourth place was the Or Tor Kor Market in Bangkok, full of exotic fruits and vegetables. Here you can buy not only food, but souvenirs. Tourists also often buy and ready meals.

Closes the top five of the world’s best historic market. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Local residents and tourists love it for the opportunity to buy homemade cakes, some exotic types of meat like venison and elk, as well as fresh tropical fruits.

The top 10 markets in the world according to CNN also include the Borough Market in London, the Kreta Ayer Wet Market in Singapore, the Lancaster Central Market in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Marché Provencal in Antibes (Provence, France) and the Kowloon City Wet Market in Hong Kong.

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