Thailand attractions

Thailand attractions

Thailand – a country in Southeast Asia, until 1949 was called Siam. The capital of Thailand Bangkok. Population – 65,444,371 people, the area – 514 000 sq. km

Thailand is bordered on the east by Cambodia and Laos, to the west with Myanmar and southern Malaysia. Thailand bordering the Andaman and South China seas.

Major cities in Thailand: Khon Kaen, Chiang Mai, Hat Yai, Udon Thani, Chon Buri, Saraburi, and others.

Thailand is one of the popular places of beach holidays. The most popular resorts are Phuket, Pattaya, Koh Samui, Koh Samet, Phi Phi Island and others.

Walking Street

Walking Street Thailand

Walking Street – one of the busiest streets of Thailand; legendary place in Pattaya where the nightlife. The relationship of local people to this boulevard contradictory, but the tourists it attracted considerable interest and a lot of emotions. On Walking Street incredible concentration of sexual entertainment, strip bars, discotheques, transvestite and go-go show.

In the vastness of Walking Street you can easily meet the Thai sex workers. Renewal of the street starts after 18.00. Then cover it to turn into a walking boulevard. Highway Traffic resumed only at 2am. First evening you can listen to street music, and with the onset of darkness everywhere enticing neon signs are lit with an offer erotic services, or simply enjoying a relaxing break in the bar.

Walking Street

By the way, sex is not the only entertainment is famous Walking Street. This wide street full of stalls with souvenirs and street food. Here roam the snake charmers and fire-eaters. In a word, sights on Uokin Street and plenty enough for everyone. Often, this street is called “male”, which is associated with an increased interest in men to the pleasures area.

Geographically attraction is located in the central part of the resort, stretching along the coast of the Gulf of Thailand. Arriving by car, it is best to park at the arch from Bali Hai Pier. Uokin Street is quite safe for tourists, but there is a risk encounter pickpockets, so you need to closely monitor the purse. At the beginning of the street always on the lookout tourist police in case of any problems. Photo or video in night clubs and bars are prohibited.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya

Thailand attractions. The ancient city of Ayutthaya – the ancient capital of Thailand; one of the most visited destroyed towns in Asia. Today it is a small provincial town, 80 km from Bangkok, thriving due to mass tourism. Once it was the most developed city of Indochina. During the existence of Ayutthaya was replaced by 30 governors of the 5 dynasties.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya, Thailand

This name appeared in honor of the holy city of Ayodhya in India, where according to legend was born Rama. Ayutthaya as the capital of Siam was founded in the 14th century. More than 400 years the city was the capital and the historic center of the country. On the original grandeur and wealth of Ayutthaya evidenced by the numerous buildings and ruins of temples.

One of the oldest buildings is Yai Chai Mangkok – monastery monks in 1357. In the vicinity of Wat Mahathat, you can see the famous statue of the Buddha’s head, now braided roots of old trees. A temple on Phra Meru is famous six-meter statue of Buddha in royal regalia.

The ancient city of Ayutthaya

In ancient Ayutthaya it had three royal palace, more than 300 temples and about 90 city gates. The presence of Europeans in the city show the ruins of churches and preserved St. Joseph’s Cathedral. During its long history the city has withstood sieges and a little in the second half of the 18th century was finally destroyed by the Burmese. Reigning at that time the King of Siam did not restore it, and instead founded a new capital in Thonburi.

A stay in Ayutthaya can be part of an organized tour of the Thai capital. There tourists traveling by bus and back to the boat, where guests are treated to national dishes. More independent travelers can easily get to Ayutthaya by public transport from Bangkok or Pattaya.

Temple of the Golden Buddha

Temple of the Golden Buddha, Bangkok, Thailand

Temple of the Golden Buddha – one of the most visited attractions of Thailand; place, which houses the largest gold statue in the world. The Thai name of Wat Trai Mit. It is situated in a very picturesque area of the capital, namely in Chinatown Bangkok.

Weight of the famous statue of sitting Buddha – about 5.5 tons, height – a little more than 3 meters. Presumably it was made in the 13th century of 18-carat gold. In troubled times, a statue covered with plaster coating reliable, in order to save her. In this state she remained for several centuries, since all the eyewitnesses who knew the secret, have perished long ago. A piece of gold from under the plaster was laid bare during the transportation of the statue in 1957.

Temple of the Golden Buddha, Bangkok

The intricate architecture of the temple delights even the most seasoned travelers, forcing think about something important and valuable. It was built recently on the Trai Mit street within walking distance of Grand Central Station. To get there can be on the subway underground. Station MRT Hua Lamphong outputs directly to the station. The temple is still preserved part of plaster, which was wrapped the statue. Doors attractions are open daily from early morning.

In addition to the main temple statue cast from pure gold Buddha’s face is framed by precious stones like sapphires and pearls. Thailand has always been famous for its silver, gold and other jewelry. To save people’s property by order of King Ramkhamena all the gold was melted into a single ingot, which adopted the outline of the chief deity. Return of the Golden Buddha Thai people returned faith in the true value inherent in their culture to the world, enlightenment and spiritual wealth.

Phi Phi Island

Thailand attractions. Phi Phi Island – a small archipelago off the coast of Thailand, known for its picturesque beaches and lagoons. It includes a total of six islands: two large and four small. Of all the islands of the archipelago only Phi Phi Don is inhabited. It is famous for its white sand beaches and gentle, clear waters.

Phi Phi Island

Geographically, the archipelago is located about an hour’s journey from Phuket. For those who love a beach holiday, this is a paradise. Andaman Sea is transparent to the very bottom, where discernible reefs with marine life. Fantastic beauty of the islands of the year attracts thousands of tourists every year.

The largest and most visited island is, of course, Phi Phi Don. Its area is 28 kmĀ². The island is completely pedestrian. No vehicles other than bicycles and trucks, it is not. Exceptions are ambulances and police. The best time to visit the island – from mid-autumn to April. Nearby cities – Phuket and Krabi. Between the islands you can travel by boat.

Phi Phi Island, Thailand

On the island of Phi Phi Lei, the second largest in the archipelago, is always a lot of tourists. It was filmed the famous movie “The Beach”. Also, several guards island, tracking the status of a national park. Locals here mined swallows’ nests, which are subsequently used for the preparation of delicacies.

Mai Phai Island is perfect for diving or snorkeling. In the surrounding area there are colorful coral reefs and some good beaches. Bida Nok, Bida Nai and consists of steep cliffs. Around these small islands are also rich underwater world. Well, the last island of Koh Yung, which is located to the north of Phi Phi Don, has several sandy beaches.

Karon Beach

Karon Beach, Thailand

Karon Beach – the most pristine beach of Phuket; one of the longest beaches of Thailand. More than 4 km to the west takes Karon island. Travelers who appreciate the comfort and atmosphere measured prefer to relax on this beach.

Conventionally, the beach is divided into two parts: small and large. Large Karon stretches to Cape Baba. The distance from Phuket International Airport – 45 km. To get to the beach as possible on the budget minivan or taxi. To move around the neighborhood of the resort is most convenient to rent a scooter. Also, the island is popular original form of transportation called tuk-tuk.

Karon Beach

For the convenience of tourists around the beach a lot of hotels. Lovers of diving will appreciate the southern end of Karon, which is rich in coral reefs. The sand on the beach contains a large number of quartz and a little creak underfoot, why it is called “singing.”

Waterfront beach meets all requirements of the modern citizen. On her many quiet restaurants, shops, bars, souvenir shops and even a night market. For those who enjoy a more active holiday and nightlife, it is better to choose the nearest beach – Patong.

Similan Islands

Similan Islands, Thailand

Similan Islands – a group of small islands in the south of Thailand, famous for its paradise beaches and picturesque nature. This is a real “jewel” in the Andaman Sea, located just 50 km west of Phuket. Title Reveal attractions language means “nine”, which corresponds to the number of islands in the archipelago. In 1998 they were joined by two more of the island.

The largest and most visited island in the group is Ko Similan at number 8. In the coral thickets surrounding it, live lobsters. The average depth of coastal waters is about 25 m. The island has a symbolic stone, which offers amazing views of the seascape of the bay. In 2002, his ship sank off the coast of Atlantis. Immersion in the waters – the dream of every diver.

Similan Islands

The most convenient way to get to the Similan Islands by boat from Phuket. Travel time – about 1.5 hours. Between the islands cruising boat-taxi. In the rainy season the tourist flow is reduced. The best time to travel from January through April. On these islands there is every possibility of spending the night in bungalows or camps. Tourists pleased to stop here for a few days to fully experience the unity with nature and the perfect environment. Around only white beaches, azure sea, palm trees and jungle thickets.

The second largest island – Koh Miang. Its serial number 4. All the islands of the archipelago are numbered according to the location from north to south. Not long ago, the Similan Islands attracted the attention of the royal family. Thai Princess even acquired a personal residence on Koh Miang, which comes to rest every year.

James Bond Island

James Bond Island, Thailand

James Bond Island – one of the most popular tourist sites in Thailand; the most famous Gulf island National Park, Phang Nga. Externally, it is a small limestone formations, outstanding at 20 m from the water. Another name for the island of Ko Tapu or just Tapu. Its popularity stems from the fact that he appeared in the movie about James Bond.

At the base of the island is more subtle than the top. In some places it is covered with rare species of shrub. To reach the goal, you can speed boat spidbot or on Thai longtail boat, but the island itself is not allowed to swim up close.

James Bond Island

For the title of the Island James Bond Island are two competing education. In addition to Ko Tapu, nearby Khao Ping Kan also figured in the final scenes of the famous film. It is larger in size and consists of two gigantic rocks, densely vegetated. Between themselves, they connected a sandy isthmus.

However, the unusual shape of Ko Tapu was more memorable. Today, experts are working on the strengthening of the small rocks to prevent its destruction. Geographically, the object is located about 25 km from Phuket. The bay, which is located in Ko Tapu, is incredibly beautiful. It has more than 40 islands that form a fantastic natural maze. The limestone cliffs sometimes reach 400m in height.

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya – one of the most popular places in Pattaya, Thailand; tourist site just two landmarks – the statue of the Big Buddha and a viewing platform.

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya, Thailand

This place is interesting not only from a tourist point of view, but also religious. On the hill Big Buddha can be briefly join the Thai Buddhism. As a rule, a trip to the Big Buddha Hill is part of the free tour by tour operators. When traveling alone, you can ask any rider in the city to take Pratamnak Hill or the statue of Big Buddha.

In fact, the Big Buddha – it is a complex, in which coexist several religious buildings. The central building of Wat Phra Yai temple is considered to be in the open air. It is topped by a 12-meter Buddha gold. Originally, the statue was white.

Big Buddha Hill in Pattaya

Around the main statue of about 20 such statues, but smaller. Each of them is the personification of some ideas. In particular, the present seven days a week. Those who know what day of the week they were born, can bring to their deity as a gift symbolic incense, which are sold in souvenir tray.

For the temple is a wide staircase decorated with the heads of the mythical serpents and dragons. At its foot there are unusual bell. According to one version, they grant their wishes, and on the other – the sound they emit, cleans from sin. Happiness and success are waiting for visitors who have bought from the local people in cages of birds to release them into the wild.

The complex has two small temples, which are regularly held religious services and lectures for the monks. For a small donation you can receive a blessing by Buddhist priests and lace-amulet in the memory. From the observation deck of a hill with amazing views of the Gulf of Thailand and the urban landscape.

Thailand attractions
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