The beaches of Phuket have unusual deckchairs

The beaches of Phuket have unusual deckchairs

After the ban deckchairs on Patong Beach – one of the most popular tourist destination on the Thai island of Phuket – local entrepreneurs have come up with an alternative to them. Now the surface of the beach “lined with” hundreds couch made of sand. Some sand chairs equipped with soft cushions and parasols between them.

As reported by “Thailand News” is such a mound of sand with a pillow and umbrella 300 baht ($ 8). Deckchair sand will cost 200 baht net ($ 5.5). Tourists can use them throughout the day – from 8:00 to 18:00.

Phuket authorities are outraged – they planned to restore the natural beauty of Patong and sand structures do not fit into this concept. However, it is a legitimate reason to destroy their officials are found. While considering this question the governor of the island.

Of beach businessmen argue in turn that such comfortable trestle beds for the elderly, which is inconvenient to get up from the ground, but also note that the law is not broken – these sun loungers on the the beach is no more.

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