The best ski resorts in the Czech Republic

The best ski resorts in the Czech Republic

Czech Republic – a beautiful mountainous country with beautiful landscapes, unusual architecture, lots of old castles and modern equipped ski resorts. The snow cover in the winter here lasts for nearly half of the country. Czech Republic is a country which presents one of the best options for ski resorts in winter.

Eagle Mountain – Czech winter resort

Eagle Mountain

One suitable places for winter recreation can be considered as the Eagle Mountains. Here you can relax in peace surrounded by nature, in furnished rooms of the hotel or lodge. Cross-country ski runs here stretch for 80 kilometers. Richka De?tn? and centers designed for skiing here skiing. The resorts of the Czech Republic held sports competitions. For example, in 2005 in De?tn? and its environs was conducted in sled dog racing Shedivachkuv Long.

Eagle mountain

Eagle Mountain – one of the most beautiful in the Czech Republic, where the lowest population density. Therefore, you can come here to relax from the busy metropolis. Rocks that formed the mountainous terrain here – is gneiss, schist and granite rocks. They create a monolithic mountain range with forests at an altitude of about 1000 meters above sea level. Plants that form here woodland – a beech, fir, pine, birch, ferns, mountain ash, lilac and others. In the forest grow raspberries, cranberries, autumn here you can pick mushrooms, spring snowdrops grow here.

Spindleruv Mlyn – Ski Resort

One of the most famous resorts in the Czech Republic and the whole of Europe is to Spindleruv Mlyn. The resort is situated at an altitude of 715 to 1300 meters above sea level. Resort is located in the natural park in the Giant Mountains, there arise the river Elbe and the bottom stream. The name of this ski resort Czech Republic has gone from the 18th century, when the city was located on the site of the mill, that sounds like the Czech Mlyn. At that time, there lived a family Spindler, who was the richest and most influential in the area. Subsequently, the city was called Spindleruv Mlyn.

The resort of Spindleruv Mlyn

Spindleruv Mlyn

Already in the 19th century Spindleruv Mlyn was known as a resort town. More than 15 thousand people resting here in ski season. This is a resort with a developed infrastructure, and there is restaurants, and movie theaters, and discos, and sports and entertainment venues. The resort of the Czech Republic is one of the highest ski areas, called Saint Peter. It includes 11 descents, there are also adults, and children’s slopes and cross-country trails. Length of all slopes in the total of 13 and a half kilometers. Artificial snow then poured on 7.5 kilometers to support the cover in the correct state. Here it is an opportunity to ride – ramp and a special trampoline.

Black Dul – a place for a winter holiday in the Czech Republic

Black Dul – is another ski resort in the Czech Republic. It is located between Spindleruv Mlyn and Pec pod Snkou. It is also close to the city of Janske Lazne, and the resort is located at the foot of Black Mountain, which rises above sea level at 1299 meters. Initially, the town was quite small, but with the development of tourism business he built up more and more, and today it is a great place to relax. The ski season at the resort Black Dul rest more than 5 thousand people every month.

–°zech resort

Czech Republic Resort for skiers under the name Black Dul lies at an altitude of 600 to 1000 meters. It includes seven slopes for adults and two children. There is also a cross-country ski trails, as well as the funpark for snowboarders. Slopes for adults called Veronika 1 and 2. The total length of the slopes is about 5 kilometers and slopes Veronika may suit for beginners. For experienced skiers on the mountain of the spokes, which in height 1001 meters, there are steep slopes and 9 lifts. More than 2,400 people per hour can climb to the ski lifts on the mountain.

The best ski resorts in the Czech Republic
Czech Republic is a country where you can spend your holidays in a quiet cozy atmosphere with your family, for example, in the resort Black blew. Enjoy skiing with cool and rapid descent to Spindleruv Mlyn, and so on.
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Date Published: 02/10/2016

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