The coat-suitcase tourist can put 15 kg of things

The coat-suitcase tourist can put 15 kg of things

Designers from Australia have come up with a coat called Airport Jacket, into the pockets which can put a lot of things right traveler. It is assumed that the owner of the coat can not do without the suitcase, saving time and money when registering for the flight.

Coats has 14 deep pockets into which can fit two laptops, a tablet, two pairs of shoes, jeans, five T-shirts, sweater and camera. The length of the coat can be adjusted using a detachable parts. In addition, Airport Jacket can be converted, if desired, a short jacket and a bag of luggage.

Recall, jackets and coats with big pockets are popular with first-class travelers. Once the budget airline passenger drove all the clothes from his suitcase, wearing it on yourself, and save so 57 euros.

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