The festival gin will be held in Prague

The festival gin will be held in Prague

Czech Republic is known as the country of beer and Becherovka, but tourists who find themselves in Prague on February 25, will be able to study in detail is not the most typical of these places drink – gin. Gin Festival will take place in the heart of the Czech capital, the former House of Folk Art, and now – a modern exhibition space DUP36.

The festival will feature dozens of varieties of gin, the best Prague bartenders will mix cocktails, and visitors can explore the history of this drink. In addition, guests of the festival will be able to try many kinds of tonic.

The organizers promise that even the expensive varieties of gin can be purchased for a nominal fee. Festival Address – Charvátova 10, Praha 1. Ticket price – 250 CZK (€ 9) when buying online, or 300 kroner (11 euros) at the entrance.

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