The Hilton has its first robot concierge

The Hilton has its first robot concierge

In MsLean city, at the Hilton Hotel near Washington appeared first robot acting as a concierge. Half-meter robot, like a child’s toy, is the concierge desk also helps guests organize their leisure time, informing them about local attractions and answering all the questions.

Robot named Connie (in honor of the founder of the hotel chain Hilton – Conrad Hilton). Connie can learn: the more he will communicate with the lodgers, the sooner will understand that most interests them, and the more accurate it will become and the more answers.

Experts predict a great future robots in the field of hospitality. Polls also show that travelers are willing to communicate with robots in hotels. Recall that in Japan, already operates the hotel, almost all of which the staff – administrators, porters, maids – is composed of robots.

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