The interesting facts about Bulgaria

The interesting facts about Bulgaria
Bulgaria – the state in the east of the Balkan Peninsula. The main differences of this country are kind and hospitable people, the fine nature, beautiful sights and an ancient, interesting story.

The interesting facts about Bulgaria
  • 1. The official name – the “Republic of Bulgaria”.
  • 2. Bulgaria – one of the oldest countries of Europe. Her history begins at the end of the 7th century.
  • 3. Bulgaria – one of the first countries where use of Cyrillics (the old Slavic alphabet) has officially begun.
  • 4. The inventor of the first-ever electronic computer – the scientist of the Bulgarian origin John Vincent Atanasoff.
  • 5. Amusing fact: when the Bulgarian swings the head up and down, it means “No”. If he swings the head in the parties, then it means “Yes”. It causes huge confusion during communication with tourists. Often because of it there are ridiculous situations.
  • 6. Bulgaria can brag of thousand-year winemaking history. The Bulgarian wines enjoy wide popularity among gourmets and fans of qualitative wine of the highest class. One of the reasons of such tremendous success in winemaking is the suitable climate and century traditions.
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  • 7. Interesting fact: the orthodox church and the Bulgarian government have managed to keep the Jewish population of the country from nazi concentration camps during the Holocaust. Only two countries could make it: Bulgaria and Denmark.
  • 8. The population of the country makes more than 7.3 million people.
  • 9. The general territory makes 110 993
  • 10. The Bulgarian yogurt possesses unique taste. One claim that a secret in the recipe, others are sure that such taste is reached thanks to addition of bacteria of Lactobacillus Bulgaricus which can be found only in the Bulgarian air, – the interesting fact.
  • 11. Bulgaria takes the third place in Europe by quantity of archeological excavations. The first two places are taken by Greece and Italy. It is interesting to know that in the territory of the country the huge number of treasures which history exceeds 6000 years is located.
  • 12. More than 80% of the population of Bulgaria to the middle of the 20th century lived in villages. Since then I have begun mass resettlements to the cities and the capital of Sofia. However it didn’t mean decline of agriculture, and has on the contrary led to gradual modernization and introductions of modern equipment and technologies.
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  • 13. In the middle of the 14th century, Bulgaria has got under Ottoman dominion which continued before the Russian-Turkish liberating war. In 1878 in Bulgaria the constitutional monarchy has been restored.
  • 14. After World War II Bulgaria became the communistic state and part of East block.
  • 15. Mount Musala – the highest point of the country. Its height makes 2925 meters above sea level.
  • 16. Interesting fact: in all territory of Bulgaria there are more than 4000 caves!
  • 17. Sofia – the largest city, the cultural and official capital of Bulgaria. The population of the city makes more than 1.2 million people. Sofia is the second oldest city in Europe.
  • 18. Bulgaria was called the Silicone length of Eastern Europe earlier. This results from the fact that in due time in Bulgaria new computer technologies which took root later into other communistic countries were created, – the interesting fact.
  • 19. The river Iskyr – most is long the river of Bulgaria. Its length makes 340 km.
  • 20. Bulgaria – the country with a negative increase in population. For the last 25 years the population of the country has decreased from 9 to 7.3 million people. It is one of the worst indicators in the world.
  • 21. The Bulgarian national song “Izel ye Delyo Haydutin” was included in the list of pieces of music which have been sent to space according to the Voyager program for possible contact with extraterrestrial reason.
  • 22. Dang Kolov is the Bulgarian fighter which for the career I have won more than 1500 fights and only 2 I have lost! According to informal data he has carried out about 2000 fights. The athlete fought in freestyle and to Europe in 1936 has won a gold medal at the Championship.
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  • 23. Soccer is the most popular sport of Bulgaria.
  • 24. The highest cactus grows in a botanical garden of the city of Balchik, on the coast of the Black Sea. Height makes him 7 meters.
  • 25. Average life expectancy makes 73,6 years.
  • 26. Official language is Bulgarian on which tell more than 95% of the population.
  • 27. In Bulgaria there is no official religion, however most of people are adherents of the Orthodox Christian of church.
  • 28. About 40% of a salary of the average Bulgarian go for payment of taxes.
  • 29. In Bulgaria there are no free mass media. Everything is operated by the government therefore in an air or the “necessary”, checked information is only published in newspapers.
  • 30. The Bulgarian scientist Pyotr Petrov has developed the first-ever digital watch.
  • 31. The name of the country of “Bulgaria” has happened from tribes the Bulgar which have arrived to these territories at the end of the 7th century.
  • 32. The oldest tree of Bulgaria grows in the village Granite near the city of Stara Zagora. It is an oak which age is estimated approximately in 1650. The oak krone in a grasp makes 1017 sq.m, a circle of his trunk – 7.45 meters, and height of 23.4 meters.
  • 33. Hot mineral springs, very popular among tourists, are in the city of Saparev a bath.
  • 34. Coffee is recognized as national drink. It can be drunk every morning before a trip for work (7:30), – the interesting fact.
The interesting facts about Bulgaria
Today we will tell you about Bulgaria - the beautiful country with ancient history and culture. The set of useful and interesting information is presented in the form of the facts and interesting data.
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Date Published: 04/18/2016

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