The interesting facts about Finland

The interesting facts about Finland
Today we provide you interesting and useful information about Finland in the form of the interesting facts and data. You learn features of culture and traditions of the Finnish people, and also the little-known and unusual facts of history of Finland.

The interesting facts about Finland
  • 1. The country is included into the list of the most sparsely populated European states. Population density makes only 16 people/
  • 2. Finland is located in Northern Europe and borders on Sweden, Norway and Russia.
  • 3. In the country there are more than 180 000 thousand lakes which make more than 10% of total area.
  • 4. Pyayanne’s conduit – a water tunnel of the world, the second for extent! He supplies the capital of Finland with drinking water. Its total length makes the whole 120 km.
  • 5. Finland (the official name Republic of Finland) was a part of the European Union in 1995.
  • 6. More than 25% of the territory of the country lie to the North from Arctic Circle.
  • 7. The woods cover about 75% of the territory of Finland.
  • Finland, Santa Claus
  • 8. In the country two official languages: Finnish and Swedish. Nevertheless, most of the population (90%) consider Finnish as the native language.
  • 9. Interesting fact: till 1809 Finland was a part of Sweden, however after the conclusion of the Fridrikhsgamsky peace treaty (1809) the country was a part of the Russian empire as the autonomous republic. After October revolution of 1917 I declared independence of Russia and I became the republic in 1919.
  • 10. The total area of Finland makes 338 thousand
  • 11. Comics about Donald Duck have been forbidden in Finland as he doesn’t wear trousers, – the interesting fact.
  • 12. The most popular dishes of Finnish cuisine are: “kiryelokha graav” (a trout in juice), and also “graav suckers” (a salmon in juice).
  • 13. Finland is the homeland of Santa Claus who even has the representation in northern part of Finland, behind the Polar circle.
  • 14. According to the international ratings, Finland is one of the most democratic and less corrupted countries of the world!
  • 15. In Finland the Nokia company – the largest producer of mobile phones, smartphones and the accompanying equipment is founded. The last 10 years she won first place in the market of mobile devices.
  • Hockey - favourite sport
  • 16. Finland – the world leader in the use of coffee. According to official statistics, more than 11 kg of coffee a year are the share of one person!
  • 17. In the country there are 30 national parks.
  • 18. The population of Finland pays huge taxes, for example, 95% of the cost of a bottle of vodka go to the government.
  • 19. The main industry of the country is engineering and extraction of metals.
  • 20. Finland – the only country in the world where a news goes in Latin. This project is started by one known Finnish broadcasting company.
  • 21. Gore Halti – the highest point of Finland. Its height makes 1328 meters.
  • 22. The Finnish children are sent to school only when he executes 7 years.
  • 23. The population of Finland makes 5.4 million people. About 600 thousand live in the capital of Helsinki.
  • 24. Finland is often called “the earth of the midnight sun” because in June and July the sun shines all day and all night long. According to traffic regulations, headlights of cars have to be included in driving time at any time.
  • Finnish sauna
  • 25. Finland wins first place in the world on the level of freedom of the press.
  • 26. Finland – one of the last states of Europe which have adopted Christianity official belief.
  • 27. One of the most popular entertainments is the karaoke! Finns have so fallen in love with him that in any city, on any street there is a karaoke bar.
  • 28. Interesting fact: Finland – one of the most teetotal countries of Europe. Level of consumption of alcohol is equal 3,3 gallon / persons. The first place with a solid separation from the others is kept by Moldova – 4,8 gallon / persons.
  • 29. A national sport of Finland is the game Pesapallo (reminds baseball). Hockey, track and field athletics, cross-country skiing, Formula 1 and soccer enjoy also wide popularity.
  • 30. The military budget of the country makes $2 billion.
  • 31. Finns have thought up a sauna.
The interesting facts about Finland
You to this article you learn about the interesting facts of Finland! Here you will be able to examine from useful information about this cold northern country.
Interesting facts
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Date Published: 04/19/2016

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