The interesting facts about Malta

The interesting facts about Malta
In the picturesque archipelago in the sunny south of Europe is a small, but very beautiful and hospitable country of Malta. If you plan to take a vacation and a trip to the sights, you first need to learn as much as possible of interesting stories and facts about Malta. In doing so, we can help you today.

The interesting facts about Malta
  • 1. Malta – a small country in the Mediterranean Sea, located on the 7 islands (only 3 are inhabited). The country has developed at the intersection of trade routes, so it’s always been a central place for such commercial giants such as Sicily, Tunisia and Libya.
  • 2. Malta has officially allowed to sell citizenship for 650 thousand euros. It is estimated that it will not only bring multi-million dollar revenues, but also to attract investors to the Maltese market.
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  • 3. From the earliest times in Malta has a tradition of doing so narrow street to the house could completely cover them with his shadow. This is done not only to protect people from the heat, but also to create an ambush in the event of an invasion.
  • 4. In Malta, there are no rivers, lakes or any other source of drinking water.
  • 5. Cinematic fact: “Gladiator” epic battle scenes of the movie were actually filmed not in the Coliseum, and the “Fort Ricasoli” in Malta.
  • 6. The researchers found that the Maltese temples are actually even older than the Egyptian pyramids and Stonehenge (England).
  • 7. Interesting fact: Malta annually visited by more than 1.2 million tourists from around the world.. Tourism is one of the most profitable and promising sectors of the economy.
  • 8. Malta – one of the most law-abiding European countries. Murders and robberies are very rare.
  • 9. The University of Malta is one of the oldest in Europe. It was founded back in 1592.
  • 10. Modern Mythology agree on the fact that Malta was part of Atlantis.
  • 11. The official name – “Republic of Malta”.
  • 12. The country gained independence from Britain 21 September 1964.
  • 13. Malta became a full member of the EU in May 2004, and began using the euro as its official currency in 2008.
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  • 14. Interesting fact: Valletta – the capital and the main center of the Maltese economy. The name of the city was given in honor of a knight, who defended the capital of the Turkish invasion. Valletta – a city with beautiful sights and unique architecture. The population of only 9000 inhabitants, which are based on the Maltese.
  • 15. The official languages are Maltese (a mixture of Italian and Arabic) and English.
  • 16. The vast majority of the population professes Catholicism.
  • 17. An interesting feature of Maltese life is marriage. If two people have decided to link their fate knot, this alliance is forever and divorce you will not succeed.
  • 18. Also on the islands is prohibited abortions.
  • 19. An obligatory accompaniment of any religious holiday is a festival. Holidays in the country is not a lot, so everyone should be celebrated in a big way.
  • 20. Interesting fact: In Malta, like in England, made left-hand traffic. Be careful on the roads, here love to drive fast!
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  • 21. Malta is in the top 10 of the smallest sovereign states in the world. The area of the country is only 314 km2.
  • 22. The country’s population is only 452,515 inhabitants.
  • 23. Sometime between Sicily and Malta operated a real bridge. Recall, the distance between them is 93 kilometers!
  • 24. Traditional music of the islands known as “Ghana”. Its basis is made by folk motifs with a guitar and a few people, usually men, who in turn sing verses of folk songs.
  • 25. In a world of huge popularity of home-breed “Malta” dogs, but it is not as not related to the name of the country. Officially recognized breed here is the “Pharaoh Hound” (short-haired hunting dog).
  • 26. More than 50% of the population of Malta attended music school!
The interesting facts about Malta
Do you want to broaden your horizons and find more useful information about the countries and peoples? Why not start with the Malta! In our article we will tell you the only inter esting and useful facts about this wonderful country.
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Date Published: 04/15/2016

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