The interesting facts about Montenegro

The interesting facts about Montenegro
Montenegro – the good resort with excellent hotels and service, mass of sights and the beautiful nature. The young Balkan country full of the interesting facts which will fascinate you by the panoramas and picturesque places. About other advantages of Montenegro read in our article.

The interesting facts about Montenegro
  • 1. According to the research conducted by the International council of tourism and travel, Montenegro is included into the three of the most promptly developing tourist directions in the world.
  • 2. Interesting fact: Bojana is a unique river which flows in opposite directions!
  • 3. By estimates of 2011, in the territory of the country 626 thousand people live.
  • 4. In the city of Kotor the street on which there can’t pass 2 persons is located. She carries the name “Let’s Me Pass!” and is the narrowest in the world.
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  • 5. Pride of Montenegro and the most quick-selling tourist goods are handwork carpets, tapestries and jewelry. Wine, ceramics and objects of art processing of a tree enjoys also wide popularity.
  • 6. Residents of Montenegro don’t love a war subject therefore you shouldn’t even start conversation about it.
  • 7. Official language is Montenegro though most of the population speaks Serbian. Are so widespread Bosnian, Albanian and Croatian.
  • 8. One of the main achievements in tourist branch is lack of obligatory visas to tourists.
  • 9. More than 75% of the population of Montenegro are professed by Orthodoxy. Also a large number of Sunni Muslims – Islam of 17% lives in the country.
  • 10. Podgorica – the capital and the largest city of Montenegro. Its area makes 225, and the population more than 136 thousand people.
  • 11. According to the Constitution, the historical capital of the country is the city of Cetinje – the cultural center of the state.
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  • 12. The best time for visit of Montenegro begins from May to October. During this period sea water best of all gets warm, hot temperature remains at the level of +24-28 °C. However it is better to have with itself a warm sweater at night.
  • 13. At the moment Montenegro is the parliamentary and presidential republic. The president of the country is Filip Vujanovic, the prime minister – Milo Dzhukanovich.
  • 14. The name of the country comes from the Serbian word of “Tsrn Gore” that in translation “The black mountain” means.
  • 15. More than 40% of the territory of the country cover the woods.
  • 16. Interesting fact: in Montenegro more than 45% of the population consider themselves as Montenegrins, 30% – Serbians, however 43% of the general population consider native Serbian and only 36% – Montenegro.
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  • 17. National economy is made by aluminum processing, light industry, ferrous metallurgy and shipbuilding. The last years Montenegro has begun to get huge profit from travel business.
  • 18. Montenegro has the modest territory in 13.8 thousand
  • 19. The state currency is euro. Montenegro has no right to print money (the country isn’t a part of the EU) therefore the most part of money comes to the country from tourists.
  • 20. Bobotov-Cook – the highest mountain and the center of mountaineering of Montenegro. Height of the mountain makes 2523 meters.
  • 21. The area of the country is even less than the State of Connecticut (USA), – the interesting fact.
The interesting facts about Montenegro
Montenegro – a heavenly spot on the bank of the Adriatic Sea. And what facts you still know about this interesting country? Our article will help you to give the answer to this question.
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Written by: inkas
Date Published: 04/16/2016

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