The interesting facts about Northern Korea

The interesting facts about Northern Korea
North Korea – one of the most closed and unknown countries for the outside world. Already several generations the power are delegated from the father to the son here. However very few people know that there is rather developed and constantly developing tourism. The standard of living and freedom of speech here one of the lowest in the world, however, the average level of education of the population will give odds to any European country …

The interesting facts about Northern Korea
  • 1. Official name of North Korea: Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK). The local population is called by her “Choson” (“The country of morning freshness”).
  • 2. Interesting fact: even in the houses it is impossible to disconnect government radio, it is only possible to make it more silent.
  • 3. North Korea takes the fifth place in the world on the level of military power, at the same time spending more than 30% of the budget of the country for financing of army.
  • 4. If you want to visit North Korea as the tourist, then you will need to pay the huge sum of money for obtaining different permissions. In the country you will be able “to travel” only around the route determined by the government to the companies of the guide who surely has to talk in your language. Also with you there will be a person who openly will watch you all the time! Independent movements are around the city strictly forbidden …
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  • 5. Interesting fact: in Northern Korea there is “Internet”, the so-called computer Kvanmyon network. She contains only the filtered articles of scientific and technical character. Everyone has an access to “Kvanmyon”.
  • 6. Literacy level among adult population makes nearly 100% that does residents of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea by one of the cleverest in the world …
  • 7. Interesting fact: as it is told in “the official biography” of the first President of North Korea, he was born on a volcano under a double rainbow when in the sky the new star has appeared… Also Kim Il Sung corrected teachers at lessons of history and has written 1500 books. It was “a godlike gift of heaven”!
  • 8. Residents of Pyongyang are forbidden to hold houses of dogs.
  • 9. According to informal data, the average salary in the country for 2005 made about $6 a month, – the interesting fact.
  • 10. The government allows people to have only short hair, and the type of hairdresses is limited to several pieces.
  • 11. Interesting fact: if someone from abroad presents to the relative the car, then just the same he has to give to the state.
  • 12. The first President and the founder of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Kim Il Sung was born in 1912. Very few people know that a real name of this person is “Kim Son Zhu”, however in 1935 he has changed him on Kim Il Sung that in translation means “to become the sun” and once again emphasizes his “god-like”.
  • 13. Christmas in Northern Korea isn’t celebrated. Instead of him most of the population celebrate birthday of mother of the previous president Kim Jong Il (on December 24). Here also St. Valentine’s Day isn’t celebrated, however instead all have to celebrate “Birthday of the general” (on February 16).
  • head of North Korea
  • 14. Interesting fact: the people of North and South Korea are united by one language, a story, and one cultural base, in more than 5000 years. Despite it, 10 million Koreans are still separated from members of the families.
  • 15. In Northern Korea is “department of promotion and propaganda” which controls all communications. The government forbids all foreign transfers, and radio and television stations are ready only for government transfers.
  • 16. Average life expectancy of citizens of North Korea makes 61 years for men and 66 years for women.
  • 17. Interesting fact: as of July, 2010, the population of North Korea made more than 22.7 million people.
  • 18. According to U.S. intelligence, North Korea owns rockets which will be able to reach Alaska, Hawaii, and also the Western Coast of America.
  • 19. More than 13 million people, including 60% of children in Northern Korea, still suffer from malnutrition.
  • 20. The military service is obligatory in Northern Korea and 5 years in armies or 4 years in navy last.
  • 21. The demilitarized zone on border of North and South Korea is the most protected in the world! For the solution of special diplomatic questions the special construction in which on the line of border the negotiating table is located is constructed here. Thus, any of delegations doesn’t cross the territory of the countries.
  • 22. North Korean women refugees are the main source of human trade in China. The price for the person fluctuates in the range from $200 up to $2000.
  • 23. Chronology happens here according to a calendar of Juche in which the first year of the world is Birthday of Kim Il Sung.
  • 24. In North Korea free health care. But there is an acute shortage of medicines and the modern equipment.
  • capital of North Korea
  • 25. North Korea has been admitted to the UN in 1991.
  • 26. After death Kim Il Sung has been declared “The eternal president”, and his successors are just operating the country.
  • 27. Deforestation is one of serious environmental problems of North Korea.
  • 28. According to the intelligence data, in the country regularly there pass public executions that among the population is already considered norm.
  • 29. In the majority the cities to women don’t allow to wear trousers or to ride bicycles as skirts have to cover knees.
  • 30. Despite the armistice agreement in 1953, Northern and the Southern Koreas still are at war.
  • 31. On informal statistics, in Northern Korea only one doctor is the share of 700 people, and one hospital bed is the share of each 350 patients.
  • 32. North Korea takes the second place (from below) in an index of freedom of the press. Worse only in African Eritrea.
  • 33. North Korean deserters have described existence of camps where there took place awful mockeries at those who tried to flee the country once.
The interesting facts about Northern Korea
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Date Published: 04/18/2016

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