The interesting facts about Thailand


In this article we collected a set of the interesting facts about Thailand. Here you will find not only interesting information on culture and traditions of this far kingdom, and and the surprising facts from life of Thais.

The interesting facts about Thailand

  • 1. In Thai expression “boom boom” is the offer to make love.
  • 2. Only in 1913 in the country introduced such concept as “surname”. Before Thais used only a name.
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  • 3. Before World War II in Thailand always greeted the phrase “You ate?”. After war the greeting of “sawatdee” appeared.
  • 4. Whether you know that the word Bangkok (the name of the capital and largest city of Thailand) on Thai means “The angelic city, the magnificent city, the city – treasure, unapproachable monastery of God of Indra, the Magnificent world capital presented with 9 jewelry, the city of happiness, the great and grandiose Royal Palace of a kingdom of the re-embodied god, Indra’s gift and Vishvakarman’s structure”. This name is officially included in the Guinness Book of Records!
  • 5. In Thailand there is an obligatory military duty for all full age men. However it does not concern so-called “kato” (transsexuals). The huge number of Thais uses this paragraph of the legislation.
  • 6. For all history Thailand it was never colonized by the European states.
  • 7. Miang Harrows or the Ancient city – the world’s largest museum under the open sky.
  • 8. Thailand – the kingdom, and the king here something is more, than the governor of the state. According to the law the king is a patron of all religions in the country, however he has to be only a Buddhist.
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  • 9. Thais believe in sacred soul which is in everyone and is in the head of the person. For this reason here it is impossible to touch the head and the more so to touch someone’s head.
  • 10. In all territory of Thailand there are more than 32.5 thousand Buddhist temples in which there live about 375 thousand monks.
  • 11. Thais are one of the most religious people of Asia. Here nearly 95% of the population the Buddhism, more than 4% – Moslem professes, 1% – Catholicism.
  • 12. In Thailand one of the most esteemed animals is the white elephant. This animal also is a symbol of prosperity and wellbeing, and Thailand is honourable is called “the country of a white elephant”.
  • 13. Surprising fact: The king of Thailand is U.S. citizen and rules the country so long that it was even brought in the Guinness Book of Records.
  • 14. For an insult of a family of the monarch it is possible to get to prison.
  • 15. In Thailand there is no such word and concept as “hunger”.
  • 16. Rice was brought in Thailand 4 thousand more years B.C. At the moment the country wins first place in the world on export volumes.
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  • 17. The Thai alphabet – one of the longest in the world! In total in there are 72 letters here (8 more do not enter the alphabet). On the first place there is the Khmer alphabet.
  • 18. Most of the population of Thailand goes by various transport: from tuk-tuk (motorcycles) and cars to self-made carts.
  • 19. It is not accepted to walk drunk the streets of Thailand. Even a little drunk have to behave quietly and not brawl. Tourists notice that Thais who drank usually just sit and smile. Probably, therefore Thailand is called still “the country of smiles”.
  • 20. It is not allowed to men and women to go with an open torso. If the police officer sees you in such look, then will surely write out a penalty. It is interesting to know that the police officer has big rights here and is very dear person.
  • 21. Thailand lives according to own calendar: now there is 2559.
  • 22. War in Vietnam made Thailand the main tourist center of the region. The matter is that there were military bases of the USA and the vacation spot of military. Exactly in those days the city of Pattaya was entitled “sex capital”.
The interesting facts about Thailand
Huge selection of the unusual facts about Thailand. Only interesting and useful information from life of Thais.
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Date Published: 04/11/2016

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