The interesting facts about Tunisia

The interesting facts about Tunisia
Tunisia – the North African country located along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea to the southwest from Sicily and the South of Sardinia. Tunisia substantially attracts adventurers and good rest, especially during the winter period. Natural landscapes are ideally suited for a paraplanerism, and also perfectly is suitable for mountain and sea sports. The country borders on Libya in the southeast and Algeria in the West.

The interesting facts about Tunisia
  • 1. Tunisia – the smallest country of North Africa which southern part is occupied by the Sahara Desert. Other territory of the country is occupied by a fertile soil and 1310 km of the coastline.
  • 2. Tunisia has achieved the status of the independent state in 1956 from France. Annually the Independence Day is celebrated on March 20.
  • 3. Modern Tunisia is located in the territory of the ancient Phoenician empire with the center in Carthage. Ruins of this once powerful city are in only 10 km from the modern city of Tunisia.
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  • 4. Tunisia is divided into 24 provinces. The greatest province is world famous Tatuin. He has found popularity thanks to the planet of the same name in fantastic movies “Star Wars”.
  • 5. The city of Hammamet is the largest tourist resort of Tunisia and attracts vacationers from all Europe since 1960.
  • 6. Tunisia is the only city now in the country where there is a subway though it is more similar to high-speed trams.
  • 7. The population of the country doesn’t exceed 10.8 million people. Lately, birth rate has sharply fallen in Tunisia, especially against other Arab countries. On average, birth rate keeps on a mark 1.7 children on one woman.
  • 8. Average life expectancy of ordinary Tunisians makes 75 years.
  • 9. In Tunisia there are two official languages: the first and the most widespread – Arab and the second state – French. The most popular foreign language it is possible to call English.
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  • 10. The city of Tunisia – the capital, the largest industrial and economic center. Population of the city more than 1.2 million people.
  • 11. Women like to decorate the body with henna. Especially it touches hands and palms.
  • 12. At the end of 2010 in Tunisia there has taken place the largest revolution. A number of governmental decrees became the reason of turmoil. Everything has begun with the 26-year-old street dealer who has set fire to himself in protest! As a result of civil revolts the president has been overthrown and new elections are appointed. After these events the revolutionary spirit among the civilian population of other Arab countries, especially in Libya has grown.
  • 13. Tunisian dinar (TND) – official currency. He is divided into 1000 millim. Dinar exchange rate to dollar makes 1 TND: 0.7$, interesting fact.
  • 14. Interesting fact: Jebel ech Chambi – the highest point of Tunisia. Height of the mountain makes 1544 meters above sea level
  • 15. Spain occupied the territory of Tunisia in the middle of the 16th century. The country was a part of the Ottoman Empire in 1574.
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  • 16. Citizens of the majority of the European countries don’t need the visa to entry into the country.
  • 17. Most of all tourists prefer to use services of a taxi or to hire the car (the price fluctuates within $70 a day).
  • 18. In the markets of Tunisia it is always necessary to bargain, otherwise from you will take much more expensively.
  • 19. The Tunisian economy, first of all, is based on agriculture which fundamentals are made by production of olives, olive oil, bean and dairy products. Also in considerable volumes a number of technical products, textiles, phosphates, chemical and oil products is exported.
  • 20. In Tunisia 4 international airports function: Tunisia-Carthage, Monastir, Sfax and Djerba.
  • 21. The interesting fact about Tunisia: 97% of the population are made by Arabs who practise Islam. Also a small amount of Catholics lives in the country.
  • 22. According to traditions and belief, Muslims don’t drink alcoholic drinks, however in Tunisia often drink wine of own production.
The interesting facts about Tunisia
Tunisia – the country full of ancient sights and popular tourist places, we will try to find for you the interesting and useful facts.
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Date Published: 04/16/2016

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