The Naples airport offers a capsule hotel

The Naples airport offers a capsule hotel

The first capsule hotel in Italy, will open on January 20 at the international airport of Naples Capodichino. The hotel, which is called BenBo (Bed and Boarding), offers a new style of accommodation in the format of “quick and cheap” – the area of ​​non-capsule is about four square meters, but the rooms are equipped with all amenities. Tourists will be able to sleep and relax in these compartments, which operate around the clock. Total number of rooms – 42.

BenBo allow travelers to sleep well (you can just wake up an hour before the flight), to reduce costs and to register quickly. The cost of the first hour stay in the room ─ 8 euros, the second hour ─ 7 euros, and the night will cost 25 euros. The capsule contains a bed, a shelf for luggage, a TV and a desk. For those who love to work in bed, the table is expanded, the TV is connected to the Internet that allows you to check flight status directly from your room. Each capsule attached bathroom with all the amenities of a luxury hotel.

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