The resort of Protaras

The resort of Protaras

Protaras – an unusual resort. It combines the tradition of the best resorts in the world: professional staff, clean beaches, all kinds of amenities for the vacationer. Everyone knows that the resorts of Sharm el-Sheikh and Ibiza are the most popular among the wealthy tourists. But you should know that Protaras is not inferior to this luxury resort. It is even better than them, because the price of leisure is much smaller and less people too.

More information about resort

Beaches. The resort of Protaras Protaras – an amazing place on Earth where the sun shines all year round, where the weather is always perfect and always where you will be happy the locals! It is very popular among Europeans and tourists from the United States. First of all, they are attracted by the professional level of service, cheap hotels and beautiful coastline.

Very popular in the resort are open-air restaurants, nightclubs and bars. But do not forget that Protaras is one of the best resorts in Cyprus for a family holiday. For children here is built a lot of great water parks, children’s playgrounds, as well as all conditions for interesting and active children’s leisure.

A popular venue for the time to Protaras is a scenic waterfront! It is ideal for leisurely cycling (lately very popular) or a casual walk at sunset.

Beaches Prostarasa – a real attraction!

Luxury beaches – one of the main trump cards of the resort. He boldly boasts the best beaches on the east coast of Cyprus. Their soft golden sand is ideal for relieving fatigue accumulated during the routine of everyday life. Before we plunge into the warm and clear Mediterranean Sea, the experienced hikers are advised for some time simply soak up the sun. Protaras – one of the few resorts in Cyprus, having so many all kinds of accessories for water sports and conduct an active holiday.

Family holiday. Protaras

The beaches of this resort are always under the close supervision of lifeguards. Even if you are distracted for a moment, and your child went on their own to explore Protaras, be sure sure to look after him. Each beach has at least one cafe or restaurant where there is a special department for children. A characteristic feature of the local restaurants and buffets is the presence of the local fish dishes that kids just love!

The resort of Protaras. In addition to relaxing on the beach

Palma. The resort of Protaras Very popular among tourists are the mysterious sea caves on the coast of the resort. Nature here has many unique rock formations, arches and hidden coves that are just waiting for you to photographed in their background. Near the coast there are several small islands, where you can relax away from civilization and crowded beaches. An unusual feature of Protaras is the possibility to spend your holiday close to nature, without the hustle and noise of the crowd.

A must to visit is the Cape Greco. This attraction is a protected area, but it is completely open to the public. Cape Greco – a perfect place for a variety of active leisure activities: snorkeling, scuba diving or even drift. Paradise nature of this place, like a magnet attracts thousands of tourists from around Protaras.

The resort operates more than 40 restaurants! Each has its own theme, so where to go up to you. By the way, that of the rest were even more vivid memories, you should always try the local traditional dishes. So do not miss your attention the national cuisine of the country, which came to rest.

Weather in the resort of Protaras

Holiday period begins here in the second half of spring and ends in the beginning of autumn. The typical Mediterranean climate Protaras pleases tourists a 30-degree heat in the summer and the temperature is 25 degrees in the spring. The resort boasts over 340 days of sunshine a year! Spring time is considered the best time to visit the resort of Protaras. Lush greenery, blossoming flowers and nature is reborn intoxicate narcotic any tourist! At this time, virtually anywhere in the resort, you can see the enchanting landscapes of the unique nature of the resort. In short, the spring Protaras – perfect!

Attractions Protaras

Church. The resort of Protaras Over the centuries the city has experienced many tragic events. Even in the VII century Arab pirates routinely rob these areas, resulting in a greater number of the population lived below the poverty line. To resolve the situation, it took centuries. Now we see a peaceful and prosperous resort that attracts thousands of tourists from around the world!

Church of Ayios Ilias – historical heritage resort

The church is in the immediate vicinity of the city on top of a rocky cliff. Those who decide to go to places of interest will be rewarded with stunning panoramic views of Protaras and the surrounding countryside.

Protaras Waterpark

Water theme park “Ancient Greece” will delight both young and adult visitors original rides “the waves Pool Poseidon”, “River Odyssey”, “Bath of Aphrodite.” Lots of other entertainment will help you and your family a nice rest and elevate mood.

Nightlife Protaras resort

For those who like crowded places, noise or just want to “hang out”, are invited to visit the main street of Protaras. Most bars and pubs only work until late at night, but the night clubs can take people around the clock! Those wishing to dance until dawn, so many, so you should choose a hotel away from Prostarasa center, especially if you want to sleep.

Shopping in the resort of Protaras

Hand crafts and souvenirs – the main fishing locals. Tourists gladly buy their products, because they are high quality and are reasonably priced. However, jewelry and clothes prefer to buy in specialized shops of the resort of Protaras. Especially popular are the work of beginners Cypriot designers and local artists-amateurs. As most expensive gifts to buy embroidered linen, lace shawls and traditional ceramic pots.

The resort of Protaras
Today you will learn about Protaras - one of the best resorts in Cyprus. Cheap hotels, unspoiled beaches, high quality service - these are some of the main advantages of Protaras resort.
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Date Published: 03/21/2016

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