The resort of Rimini, Italy

The resort of Rimini

Rimini – the largest seaside resort on the Adriatic coast. It is a popular European holiday destination. The city of Rimini is located 15 km from the main beaches. There are restaurants, bars, cafes, night clubs, hotels and other infrastructure for recreation and entertainment. Beach area of the resort is one of the most beautiful in Europe! It has many small motels and holiday houses with excellent views of the beach and the sea.

Rimini Resort Old Town – a historical part of the city, approximately 15 minutes’ walk from the modern Rimini. It has many interesting sights, including the Arch of Augustus (27 BC) and the Tiberius Bridge (the beginning of the I century). Rimini also boasts an impeccable cleanliness, excellent service staff and an active nightlife.

General information about the resort of Rimini

Rimini is located on the east coast of Italy, about 200 kilometers south of Venice, on the Adriatic coast. The resort is very popular among foreigners as it can satisfy the “holiday budget” most tourists. Rimini – is a modern resort, which is constantly growing and developing. The main purpose – is to attract more tourists, so housing prices and items are reasonable and consistent with the income of the population of the “middle class.”

Beaches resort

Rimini Resort Most Rimini beaches are free, but some hotels can rent part of the beach exclusively for its clients. During peak season (July-August) each meter measures the beach and is distributed under a clear chain of umbrellas and sun beds. This gives the opportunity to rest a lot of tourists and by the looks quite nice. The entire coast is very clean, for example, you will never find garbage or foreign objects. The water is very clean and clear. Bottom you can see dozens of meters from the shore.

Nightlife resort of Rimini

Without any doubt Rimini is the capital of night life in Italy. More than 100 nightclubs, annual festivals of club music and world famous DJs. The center of the modern city completely built bars, theme pubs, restaurants and other establishments around the clock. The main visitors of discos is youth, but also for the older generation there are several dance venues.

Popular tourist resort locations

Dolphinarium – a favorite tourist attraction Rimini

This is one of those places where you want to go as a family. Here you will always get a lot of positive emotions and unforgettable experience of a lifetime. You will be able to enjoy the unrivaled performances of dolphins and even get the opportunity to ride on any of them. Attraction regularly organizes various entertainment events and contests, besides Dolphinarium is located near the public beach, so finding it will not be difficult.

Fiabilandia – Rimini family attraction

If you come to Rimini with children, the ideal solution would be the center of Fiabilandia theme. There is constantly a theme park, which operates a number of attractions. Together with your child, you can ride the water slides, “merry boat” and small train.

“Italy in miniature”

Italy in miniature Rimini Resort Perhaps this is one of the most famous and popular tourist destination resort. Here you can find miniature copies of famous architectural monuments of Italy. The number is constantly growing and currently stands at 270 units. Be sure to take a camera and capture the way you keep on hand the Pantheon (Rome) or theater La Scala Milan.

Interesting facts about Rimini

Tourists are often called resort “City of Hospitality” or “beaches in Europe.” Rimini is located 5000 hotels, 1000 restaurants, discotheques 150, 1200 bars, 50 museums, 300 sports centers and amusement parks 16. The city’s area is 134 km2. the resort has a population of 136 thousand. man. In more than 80% of the city was destroyed during World War II! Rimini – one of the most popular resorts for family recreation and entertainment in Europe! The historic center of “Old Town” is one of the earliest centers of human life in Europe.

The resort of Rimini, Italy
Rimini - Italian resort town on the Adriatic coast. The article will familiarize with the best tourist sites, cultural heritage and will provide answers to questions about the infrastructure and features holiday in the resort of Rimini.
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