The world’s longest glass bridge over a chasm opened in China

The world's longest glass bridge over a chasm opened in China

Unusual bridge for fans to tickle nerves stretched between two mountain peaks on the Chinese Pinhão valley at an altitude of 180 meters above the ground. Three-layer floor level, is made of glass.

It’s hard enough to find the cleaning staff willing to wipe the glass after each group of tourists. Therefore, tourists are advised to go to shoe covers. Specially trained staff is ready to help any visitor to cross the bridge and provide moral support when needed.

Such extreme walks for the Chinese are not unusual. A similar bridge opened earlier on Tianmen Mountain. Its length is 61 meters, but they are not so easily overcome, because the bridge is situated at an altitude of 1,220 meters! Many tourists do not dare to go on the glass bridge. It is difficult to imagine the feelings experienced builders who erected it!

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