The worst drivers in Europe are Italians

The worst drivers in Europe are Italians

Getting into an accident in another country is not the most pleasant adventure for travelers, so they should be especially careful while driving. Tourists traveling by car should be more vigilant on the roads of Italy and Greece – these are the data of a four-year study conducted by the association Fondazione VINCI Autoroutes.

According to the results of the research, the drivers-Italians behave worse than the wheel, and the Swedes, on the contrary, are recognized by the correct motorists themselves. The top five most irresponsible drivers are also Greeks, Poles, French and Spanish. In the top five most “right” drivers, except for the Swedes, were the Germans, the Dutch and the British.

Research shows that 32% of Italians use smartphones while driving, 60% of Italian drivers forget to turn on turn signals and 31% drive without fastening seat belts. In addition, in the event of a conflict on the road, 25% of Italians get out of the car to “discuss the matter” with another driver.

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