Tirana resort

Tirana resort

Tirana – the capital of Albania, a major commercial, cultural, economic and political center of the country, which has become a must visit for all tourists.

The city was founded in the early seventeenth century on the banks of the river Ishm at the crossroads of major trade routes of the Balkan Peninsula, and three centuries later became the capital city of Tirana Albania.

Architecture Tirana diverse – from castles and buildings that hold the secrets of the depths of centuries before the modern high-tech buildings, from the narrow old streets to wide avenues speed. An important role in the planning and construction of individual buildings played oriental culture. The old town is full of mosques and minarets, squat buildings and streets like labyrinths.

The mosque Etem-Mei

In the central part of Tirana is Skanderbeg Square – National Hero of the Republic of Albania. The most important buildings of the country, funded at the state level, are considered to be the National Archaeological Museum, which houses the remains of prehistoric creatures, the Historical Museum, the former mausoleum of Haji, which now bears the name of the International Cultural Center and as no surprise, there is the biggest disco in Europe Palace peoples, modern Congress Palace, the Grand Theatre.

Tirana is famous for its green parks, of which there are about two hundred! The most famous – the National Park, where you can have fun on the rides, restaurants and cafés with local cuisine or simply relax in silence.

exhibition halls

View in the capital there is – a botanical garden, a zoo, mosque Etem-Mei, the ancient fortress. Above the town on a hill stands the symbol of Tirana – a figure in white marble – Mother Albania.

Not far from the town center is a real one on the European continent oriental bazaar.

Tirana – a city of contrasts. Its worth a visit, to fill our lives with new experiences, and your photo album – beautiful pictures.

Tirana resort
Attractions Tirana, architectural monuments, museums, palaces and fortresses of Tirana. Tirana - the capital of the Republic of Albania. Visit necessarily the beautiful city of Tirana.
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Date Published: 06/02/2016

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