Top 3 most popular dating services for travelers

Top 3 most popular dating services for travelers

Tourist service found out which mobile apps for dating the most popular with travelers. The rating is based on a survey of tourists who organized their holidays independently in the past year. The top 3 most popular mobile dating services used by travelers, entered Happn, Tinder and Badoo.

In Europe, for the mobile dating leader Happn, in the US – Tinder, CIS – Badoo.

According, travelers use mobile dating services on the eve before the trip, to meet in advance for a meeting in a certain city. When planning a trip to Paris for Me in these cities most tourists use Happn mobile application, for meetings in the Netherlands – Badoo, while in New York – Tinder.

According to the study, most familiar in using mobile applications single travelers aged between 25 and 34 years (37%), followed by the category of travelers from 45 to 54 years (28%).

Mobile apps for dating are becoming more popular among travelers than traditional Internet services, since more than 90% of tourists have smartphones and they can install them and enjoy free mobile applications.

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