Tourists are forbidden to feed the swimming pigs

Tourists are forbidden to feed the swimming pigs

Almost a third of the famous swimming pigs died in the Bahamas, presumably because of the actions of tourists. Guests of the small island of Big Major Cay animals watered alcohol, and seven – two dozen pigs did not survive.

According to one of the owners of pigs flying, it happened for the first time in 30 years, although tourists often try to entertain them with his meal. From now on it officially banned the feeding of these unusual animals. As stated by the Minister of Agriculture and Marine Resources of the Bahamas, and now “people will be able to take pictures of pigs and watch how they swim, but will not be able to feed them.”

Every year on Big Major Cay attracts a lot of tourists to swim with the enchanting pigs, have long since become a local landmark. Chosen by animals beach called the Pig Beach. Mumps willing to communicate with people, podplyvaya close to the yachts and boats.

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