Tower Bridge – sight of London

Tower Bridge - sight of London

The bridge – a truly unique attraction in London, because such a construction can not be found anywhere else in the world. It consists of two towers, made in the Gothic style, the draw span connected and pedestrian galleries, allowing free cross to the other side of the river even when the bridge divorced.

History of the Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge

Once the bridge was dark brown, but in 1977, for the celebration of the fiftieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II, he was symbolically painted in national colors of Britain – red, white and blue. In this case, the red color can be seen, just being next to the bridge. In the evening, when the blue light is lit, the bridge turns into a particularly beautiful, magical place.

Not difficult to guess that the name Tower Bridge got it because of its location. One of the walls of the famous London prison almost abuts the bridge from the north, and the route passing through the bridge, skirts the eastern wall of the Tower.

Architecture Tower Bridge

Architecture Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge in London was built relatively recently – in the second half of the 19th century. At that time, the area of London’s East End, grew rapidly, the population has experienced difficulties in crossing to the other side of the Thames. It was originally planned to start up subway trains, even had dug a tunnel under the river bed, which for some time was used as a pedestrian crossing. When it became clear that the tunnel is still uncomfortable, the city government organized a tender for the construction of the bridge.

Specialized Commission was established to consider the future construction options. Horace Jones project, make a bridge as we observe it today, was selected from more than fifty options. Interestingly, the commandant of the Tower, who held the position at the time, opposed the construction of a bridge at this location. Nevertheless, the decision to erect buildings still was made, but with one condition – the bridge should be in harmony with the architecture of the Tower. Construction began in 1886 and lasted for about 8 years. The grand opening, which took place in 1894, led by Edward Prince of Wales and his wife Alexandra.

Tower Bridge – London landmark

Tower Bridge - London attraction

Specifications only reinforce the status of the Tower Bridge of London attractions. Razvodnogo design is driven by a powerful hydraulic mechanism. It should be noted that the power enough to ensure that the bridge dissolve in a few minutes while the farm become angled at 86 degrees to the water that is substantially vertically!

Initially, the whole system functioned only because of coal and steam. More than twenty tons of coal burned in furnaces to support life inside this magnificent structures! crane is used to unload such an amount of fuel. Water straight from the Thames under the huge pressure of filling the tanks, which later was submitted to the steering mechanism, causing it to move. He also provided the elevators in the galleries and the valve. Ingenious engineering solution for the time! However, the technology does not stand still. In 1976 the bridge was equipped with electric motors and hydraulic oil.

Pedestrian gallery Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge - the main attraction of London

As mentioned above, the gallery planned in order to ensure the smooth movement of pedestrians, even when the bridge was raised. galleries The height – 45 meters above the water surface. Just imagine what a strong impression this is a miracle of engineering in the people of the time! In order to efficiently deliver the human flow upward, tower bridge were equipped with elevators, accommodating way, up to 40 people. One of them worked only on the rise, the other – on the descent.

London Tower Bridge

Also in the tower is a spiral staircase. As is known, in 1910, the gallery, which became a place of accumulation of thieves and prostitutes, had to close due to the large number of crimes. Again available to visit them only from 1982. Who are the pedestrian gallery viewing platforms, because with such a height really offers a beautiful view of the capital of England. In addition, these works official museum dedicated to the Tower Bridge. There you can explore the photos, which captured the process of construction of the bridge. In addition, the general public presents mechanisms in the past to ensure the functionality of this truly amazing building.

Tower Bridge - sight of London
Interesting information about Tower Bridge - famous landmark of London. History, architecture and the mystery of the name of the Tower Bridge.
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