Travel insurance

Travel insurance

Tourists going on vacation get bundled with vouchers, tickets and other documents, and more insurance, but as a rule, no one in it does not look, all the attention is busy preparing for the trip and taxes. However, to ignore this document in any way it is not necessary. It is necessary to carefully study and understand what kind of event your travel insurance covers and whether it meet the conditions of your expectations in the event of unforeseen circumstances.

Standard packages offered by travel agencies, only reimburse medical and transportation costs, that is, if a tourist ill or injured on holiday, it will provide medical care, and, if necessary, be sent to the appropriate clinic of the host country or in their home country by special transport. Such travel insurance is not involved pecuniary loss or moral damage in case your tour ended prematurely.

It should also be remembered that in other circumstances does not provide for compensation, none of all the proposed insurance.

A variety of travel insurance

At the moment, almost all travel agencies offer in its complete travel insurance documents. However, not everyone knows that in order to be more attractive in terms of cheapness many tours operators offer insurance options trimmed, which means a minimum of services in case of an injury or disease of the tourist. As a rule, such “trimmed” insurance includes compensation for medical treatment and transportation of the victim may also be providing emergency dental care.

But the insurance market is not limited to a meager set. For example, travel insurance items can be registered, under which the insurer undertakes to assume the costs of the visit of relatives of the victim in case of emergency, and the organization of early return. As for luggage and documents – here, too, there are a number of services offered by insurance companies, which at the conclusion of this agreement are engaged in search of the lost baggage and restoring documents.

It is not necessary to take a travel agency in the insurance they offer you. If the conditions of travel insurance does not satisfy your needs, it is best to contact the insurance company yourself, show your existing documents to travel and to explore all available options choose the most suitable. I must say that with all things being equal, to travel and insurance agency, the cost of insurance will be lower in the second embodiment. In addition, the insurance company can further insure against loss of luggage, accident and even cancel the permit.

Types of travel insurance, reimbursement of expenses due to the cancellation of the trip

This type of insurance is quite popular. You will return the full cost of the tour on presentation of documents proving that you are not able to travel abroad. Such documents may be – the refusal of a visa, a disease with hospitalization of one of the close relatives, property damage potential tourists due to fire or flooding, the court summons. Should such insurance is not expensive, say, if you have a ticket to the 10 days, the insurance will cost about $ 10.

But as always and everywhere, there are nuances, such as may be the case that if a tourist trip goes the family, the insurance case can be only one of its members, for example, a subpoena. Some insurance companies compensate for their own recognizance only to that person, and the rest of the offer still carry out the journey. These “little things” should initially check with your insurer.

To conclude an agreement on “house arrest” should be not later than fifteen days before the event. The contract begins with zero hours of the date on which you entered to the moment of crossing the border control. All insurance claims are listed in the policy, but do not forget that the denial of an entry visa is not insured. Reimbursed only the cost of a ticket, a visa, the visa fee, tickets for rail or air transport. To compensate for the need to provide these documents to the insurance agency.

Insurance of your luggage in case of loss or damage

Item coverage speaks for itself. The recoverable amount of five hundred to two thousand dollars for a seat damaged or lost baggage. Insurance cases – loss of the airport, the loss of the hotel rooms, airport transportation damage mechanisms – a complete list you will get the contract. The amount of compensation will depend on how much you appreciated their luggage. Attention! The insured event in 99% of offices is not a loss of money and jewels, so that the value is better to keep to yourself. Expensive equipment is also rarely covered by insurance.

Liability insurance for the duration of a trip abroad

A little friendly term implies that you have unintentionally caused anyone physical or material damage. If there was such an unpleasant experience, and you have purchased the appropriate travel insurance, all the losses of the affected insurance company compensates. The amount of payment in such cases starts from 50 000 dollars. What experiences can be: you broke the rented car, or if it shot down a pedestrian, caused injury to bathers, when water skiing or accidentally hooked someone with consequences on the slopes. Although a large amount of compensation, the cost of such travel insurance – only about a dollar a day stay at the resort. It does not apply to the case of a proven fact that you were in the time of the drunk.

Travel insurance against accidents during tours

Just have to say about the features. Pay insurance office for the most part, if a tourist is injured, which led to his disability, that is, man has lost the natural ability to work. Compensation insurers is from 1000 to 25 000 dollars – depending on the severity of the injury moved. But injuries, which were obtained as a result of alcohol, drug intoxication, mental disorder, are not insured event.

Insurance to engage in active sports

This travel insurance is not practiced in all companies, so if you go on holiday it is for such a purpose, you should look for the office, which is included in the list of such insurance. In addition, the amount of compensation may depend on the country you plan to visit, and ranges from 15 to 50 thousand dollars. Insured in case of an accident you are applying for insurance for injuries received when engaging in surfing, paragliding, kite surfing, scuba diving and other kinds of sports and leisure recreation.

Travel insurance

It should be noted that under this type of insurance do not get the children of fourteen years, and traditionally, the person in a state of intoxication, received at the moment of injury.

Do not forget, when arrange the travel insurance, the insurance company should be warned that you are traveling for leisure and skiing, scuba diving or white-water rafting. They may offer you a viable option, which in the future you will be very welcome.

Franchise – travel insurance. What to look for?

When making travel insurance should pay particular attention to the presence of the word – a franchise. This strange word means that in the contract there is a small amount, around $ 20-50, which the insurance company will not reimburse you if you have agreed to the “conditional franchise” and compensates in case of unconditional franchise. That is, in the second case, you will pay 20-50 dollars lower. The meaning of the following policies – when placing insurance with a deductible you get a much cheaper policy of the nominal value, framed without a franchise you get completely free treatment, but the cost of the policy more expensive. The choice, as they say, at the request of the individual.

General recommendations when you make travel insurance

You should know that when you make a travel insurance policy does not apply to the case, if you are in a tour traveling from one country to another. For example, you come to Israel for the resort of Eilat, but the tour included a trip to Jordan – in this country, all of your insurance will not be valid. Many are not even aware of such a fact, but, as they say, ignorance of the law is no excuse. Therefore, when you make a travel insurance is worth it to pay special attention. Price of the policy will change slightly, but in certain situations it is quite important.

I want to emphasize the time to enjoy in the Arab countries. In the event of unforeseen unpleasant situations, local health care providers usually offer to leave some collateral such as a passport – as a guarantee that you’re not a crook, and they will pay for their labor. Do you have a unique and competent document – your policy, through which you have to serve without any conditions and exceptions. And any documents, valuables and money do not need anyone to give hands – you’ve already paid for everything. Otherwise, insurers really will not be able to help.

Cards that are provided to the policy, you should always carry with them at the resort. All other documents can be stored at room hotel. This little card you can save your health and save lives, do not forget to take it, when you go to the entertainment activities.

One last tip – in the event of an extraordinary situation, always call your service company experts will always find the best solution to the problem. Phones you will be in possession of the card – your travel insurance is always working for you, the main thing, as you ordered it originally.

Travel insurance
Travel insurance - advice to tourists as a hedge against accidents and emergencies. How to choose a travel insurance. Insurance to engage in active sports. Franchise - travel insurance.
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Date Published: 05/16/2016

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