Venice intends to count all tourists

Venice intends to count all tourists

In Venice, will be installed special devices for counting tourists who come to the city on a daily basis. Automatic counters will be located at strategically important points through which travelers come to the city. The findings will help the authorities to regulate the flow of tourists to allow permanent residents of Venice to lead a normal life.

Mayor of Venice Luigi Bruniaro intends to launch an international information campaign aimed at explaining to numerous tourists that the city does not stand such an influx of visitors.

In March last year, at once 300 thousand visitors arrived at Venice, which exceeds the population of the city (less than 270 thousand people).

The authorities of Venice are going to publish in advance specific dates when the maximum number of visitors is expected in the city. It is also planned to open new catering zones, change the mode of operation of the water transport of the vaporetto, which carries tourists along the Grand Canal and increase the number of law enforcement officers.

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