Venice tourist jumped from the Rialto Bridge and was in intensive care

Rialto bridge

50-year-old tourist from New Zealand, walking at night in Venice and decided to jump from the famous Rialto Bridge (Ponte di Rialto). By coincidence, at this point the Grand Canal near the bridge moving water taxi, for which a diver and fell.

According to witnesses, the New Zealander was drunk. The man crashed into the windshield of the boat and injured. At present, the tourist is in intensive care Venetian hospital in serious condition. The taxi driver, fortunately, was not injured,

Venice – one of the most visited tourist places in the world, and periodically visit the city commit foolish acts. Recently, one of the tourists climbed the wall of the Doges Palace, citing fear of experts from the Department of artistic and architectural heritage of the Ministry of Culture of Italy, in charge of the monument. Last summer, the German tourists hijacked gondola to “go”, and created a floating craft on the crowded Grand Canal emergency.

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