European bus company Flixbus increased its network by Megabus

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Europe’s largest bus company Flixbus acquired business and the route network of one of its major competitors – also a German company Postbus. A month earlier, she swallowed a continental network of another competitor – Megabus.

Postbus transmission routing network consisting mainly of cities in Germany and neighboring countries, starting November 1. Absorption will allow to include in the network Flixbus some small towns, mainly in Germany. Total Flixbus network topped 900 points in 20 countries. Most Flixbus strong position in the country of its origin – Germany, where it owns three-fourths of the market. The company also has a certain number of routes in most Western European countries. In the near future it is expected to open in Croatia lines, Romania and Slovenia. Minimum ticket price is depending on the direction from 5 to 29 euros.

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