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The city of Kiev – is the city with centuries-old traditions, a deep and tragic story, unique own style. Such city cannot but have various sights. In the city of Kiev – to the capital of Ukraine, there is a huge number of sights, surprising on beauty. Which history, marvelous interlacing of events of centuries-old life of Kiev.

Golden Gate – the oldest sight of Kiev


Golden Gate – the oldest sight of Kiev which will execute 1 thousand years soon and still stands Golden Gate. Created many years ago for the defensive purposes.
Golden Gate is the main gate of ancient Kiev. In old times the Kiev Golden Gate was similar to the Constantinople gate of the same name. Therefore the Kiev gate began to call gold. Building of this sight coincided with construction of the Sofiyevsky cathedral. According to the chronicle, it was 1037.
However history was cruel to Golden Gate, according to mentions of travelers, already at 16-17 centuries a gate was almost completely destroyed.
Sight Golden Gate revived in 1832 thanks to efforts of the archeologist Lokhvitsky who carried out excavation on the place of Golden Gate. 2 parallel walls long in 13 and 25 meters, about 8 meters high were dug out. But on it revival of Golden Gate – did not end with one of the best sights of Kiev – works on restoration of ruins of Golden Gate were carried out later. In particular the primitive stone laying was restored. Thorough reconstruction ended in 1982. It was succeeded to reach original state of Golden Gate.

Kiev Pechersk Lavra – sight of Kiev


Kiev Pechersk Lavra – a cradle of orthodox Christianity in all Russia, sight of Kiev which managed to endure many adversities and to continue to shine with gold domes. This sight in fact – a huge complex of Orthodox churches, however forbids you to go nobody there to travel as the tourist.
Kiev Pechersk Lavra appeared in 1051. In Sacred and Uspensky Monastery practically all princes of Kievan Rus’ visited. The sight Kiev Pechersk Lavra became the homeland of many orthodox hierarches. For the first 3 centuries of existence of 50 of her graduates it was appointed in different borders of Kievan Rus’ as bishops. The glory about Kiev Pechersk Lavra as about the important cultural, scientific, spiritual and educational center was famous not only in Kievan Rus’, but also in Poland, Bulgaria, Byzantium and other countries.

Central square of Kiev

beautiful girl

Maidan Nezalezhnosti, it Independence Square – central square of Kiev full of different sights. The emotions received from travel to Kiev will pay back any financial expenses.
The Maidan Nezalezhnosti – a main square of the city of Kiev. At the end of the first millennium, the modern Maidan Nezalezhnosti – sight of Kiev, was busy with dense forest thickets. It was the suburb of Kiev of that time (Lyadsky Bramah). However by the 18th century in the territory of the Maidan Nezalezhnosti there were stone fortifications (Pechersky gate) which were destroyed in 1833.
In 2001 sight the Maidan Nezalezhnosti was cardinally reconstructed: the huge number of monuments, fountains, and also various sculptures was put. In the center of the area there was her today’s pride – a very tall white column at which top there is a figure of the beautiful girl with a guelder-rose branch in hands – a symbol of Ukraine and its nature. For residents of Kiev Independence Square one of the most fashionable and pathos places of the evening capital of Ukraine.

Sights of Kiev
In the city of Kiev - to the capital of Ukraine - there is a huge number of sights, surprising on beauty. Which history - marvelous interlacing of events of centuries-old life of Kiev.
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Date Published: 04/04/2016
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