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Travel to Bermuda

Travel to Bermuda! The mysterious Bermudas called differently by “Islands of the Devil” and shrouded in the mass of mysterious legends are the place for ideal resort rest now.

The Bermuda shorts are in the region of the well-known Bermuda Triangle behind which the glory of the most improbable place was fixed in the world where periodically there are mysterious disappearances of air and sea vessels. About it there is a set of the fantastic legends and theories explaining these mystical disappearances. Explanations the most different are and stealing by aliens, methane explosions, temporary holes, sorcery of the voodoo and many other things. Having visited the Bermudas, you will be able to understand properly all this and, maybe, to put forward the theory.

Besides on the Bermudas you will be able to have a rest on magnificent pink beaches, to dive, dive with a mask and a tube, to sweep astride horses or to arrange boats races, to play cricket or rugby. Here numerous tennis courts, professional golf courses, the SPA centers, the centers of water sports and entertainments, and also many other things that will make your rest unforgettable are constructed. On the Bermudas it is possible to find the most various hotels with various options of placement, a set of restaurants from democratic to extremely elegant and refined.

Visit of Bermuda won’t do without Hamilton, the capital and live heart of Bermuda. It is the center of all tourist, commercial, trade and any other life of the archipelago. Walk on the central Front Street Street in an environment of colonial buildings with the blossoming gardens, glance in a pentagonal Fort Hamilton, the Bermudas Historical Museum, the well-known neogothic Bermudas cathedral of Most-Holi-Triniti (Holy Trinity), the Bermudas National museum, park and national library of Pa-la-Vil, gardens of Bermuda-Rose-Sisayeti and the Memorial garden of Mary-Jean Mitchell, and also in most beautiful Fort-Skar with picturesque views of the gulf Greyt-Saund.

Separately it is worth mentioning the Aquarium and the Zoo of the Bermudas (Bermuda Aquarium, Museum and Zoo) which is the exact copy of local reeves. In him it is possible to see more than 200 species of fish and 50 types of other sea inhabitants, and also more than 200 various reptiles and other local animals. Improbable emotions can be experienced during walk on Cristal Caves (Crystal Caves) in which to tourists suggest to walk on the pontoon bridge through the crystal-clear underground lake Kaho (Kakho) with the purest azure water. You can even see a lake bottom at a depth of 16 meters!

Travel to Bermuda! One of the oldest capitals of the New World and the former capital of Bermuda the city of St George is located in the northeast of the island of the same name in a bay of Sent-George-Harbor. This incredibly atmospheric and picturesque city founded by colonialists in 1612 in 2002 has been included in the list of the World Heritage of UNESCO thanks to richness of well remained colonial architecture. St George possesses special charm thanks to cozy narrow small streets, ancient houses and quarters. Walk on the Royal Square with the town hall in 1782, visit Somers Garden and local “Buckingham” or the State Residence which is recognized as one of the oldest colonial buildings of the New World.

Saint Ekaterina’s Fort in which there are skillful copies of all main treasures of the British crown, and also the most beautiful dioramas devoted to destiny and history of the archipelago is officially recognized as the oldest building of the Bermudas. On the island of Ireland Island there is the biggest fort of Bermuda executed from the calcareous blocks impressing with the sizes.

Of course, in addition Bermuda is famous for the richest nature and surprisingly beautiful places which aren’t touched by the person for scuba diving. On the archipelago you will find a set of suitable places for diving, you will be able to find detailed information on them in numerous travel agencies or on a reception of hotel.

Travel to Bermuda
Travel to Bermuda! The mysterious Bermudas called differently by Islands of the Devil and shrouded in the mass of mysterious legends are the place for ideal resort rest now.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 05/19/2016

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