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Travel to Colombia! Colombia – one of the brightest and interesting countries of South America. The name of the country comes from a name all of the famous traveler Christopher Columbus who has peddled old stuff in due time. The country has been proclaimed the republic Colombia in 1819.

The found traces of the first people living in the territory of modern Colombia are dated about 15 – 12 century BC. It is supposed that on the place of the modern capital Bogota) there lived tribes of collectors hunters.
The considerable mark in the history of the country was left by the Spanish colonization. Today official language of Colombia is Spanish.

From all countries of South America only Colombia and Chile have an exit to the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean. In the northwest the country is washed by waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The Spanish conquerors who for the first time have entered Colombia have told that it “the country of fantastic riches”, but before obtaining independence the considerable part of these riches has been plundered, and many Indian settlements are destroyed. Conquistadors during gains have taken out from the country of ton of precious metals. However the next years in Colombia the unique culture, mix of Indian traditions and the European views has begun to arise. Despite heavy history, in the country there were numerous traces of last civilizations. Huge beaches, colourful places of Amazon have made Colombia one of the best countries for tourism in South America.
The oldest city of Colombia Santa Marta has been founded in 1525. Location of the city is explained by the fact that here the most convenient place for port, the fine harbor for many years served as the parking of the ships, and the tribes living once were known as great workers with gold. Some precious products executed by local masters can be seen in the museum of Museo-del-Oro being in Bogota. Descendants of these people live nearby from here in mountains now, but their tribes are rather isolated.

Very long Santa Marta was used as transshipment terminal of corsairs. In city boundaries there is a country house of Simon Bolivar’s hero, famous in these regions, and the small museum called in his honor. In Bolívar’s museum donations which became the people of those countries which independence he supported are exposed now. Vicinities of Santa Marta are much richer with interesting places.

For example, in only 50 km from the city the National park of Sierra-Nevada-del-Santa Marta which is known that in him there is a huge set of ecocoenoses is located, beginning from rainforests and finishing with dry plateaus.
The city of Cartagena has been founded in 1533, and it was the first place where Spaniards have lodged. From here numerous riches “flowed away” to Europe. As the eyewitness of these events can serve sunk in 50 km. from here galleon of “San Jose” lying at a depth of 750 meters. By this ship production which to modern measures is estimated at 3 billion dollars was transported. Unfortunately, the city, rich in historical sights, hasn’t reached in original state, but what remained, can tell a lot of things about this picturesque place.

The “Old city” surrounded with a wall is most interesting. This place really abounds with beautiful constructions in colonial style. Surely it is worth visiting such places as: Castillo-de’s fortress towering over the city – San Felipe-de – Barajas, a cathedral of Cartagena, the former convent which on the appearance reminds fortress more and in his territory settles down the fine Historical museum.

Travel to Colombia. Natural the sight of Colombia with confidence can be considered the island group San Andres lying in 750 km from the coast of the Caribbean Sea. San Andres consists of 25 small coral islands divided into two parts, one is grouped near the island, similar to a sea horse, San Andres, and second near the mountainous island of Providensiya. This place perfectly is suitable for scuba diving: untouched nature, the purest turquoise water, rich sea life.

Unlike the island of the San Address, Providensiya hasn’t affected tourist boom therefore here it is possible to run away from vanity. In original state the culture of the local people, original English is kept here. There are no hotels, habitual for the modern tourist, they remind taverns of the 18th century more, there are also no bars and restaurants, however the untouched nature and quiet measured life – the main pearl of this place.

The capital of Colombia and in too time the biggest city – Bogota, has been founded by the Spanish conquistador in 1538. The city lies at the height more than 2500 meters. Before arrival of Spaniards this district was inhabited by radical Indian tribes. Bogota – it is very contrast, at the same time is an intellectual, architectural, political and shopping center of the country, but at the same time poverty prospers here, and some areas are crowded with slums.

The main square of the capital – Plasa-Bolívar, on her is the statue of the first president of the country, most known in the country. Having gone to the south from the area it is possible to come to the Presidential palace where daily at 17:00 it is possible to observe unusual action – change of a guard of honor. From North side of the area the building of the palace of justice which in 1985 has been destroyed by insurgents is located, and in 1999 it is completely restored.

Travel to Colombia – the best vacation spot in Bogota is the area El-Salitre where the set of parks and green squares is located. The most known parks are botanical gardens Hardin-Botaniko and the Central park of Simon Bolivar here – the largest park in the city. In Bogota a significant amount of the museums, the most known of which the Museum of gold which is in east part of Parke-de-Santander is considered, is concentrated. In the museum about 35000 exhibits in the form of various gold jewelry are exposed. From all this quantity of jewelry of precious metal, in the museum only the one third part is exposed.

Travel to Colombia
Travel to Colombia! Colombia - one of the brightest and interesting countries of South America. The name of the country comes from a name all of the famous traveler Christopher Columbus who has peddled old stuff in due time. The country has been proclaimed the republic Colombia in 1819.
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Written by: John K
Date Published: 06/02/2016

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