Holidays in Tunisia

Holidays in Tunisia

Republic of Tunisia – one of the most attractive places for recreation, which in recent years has been actively involved in the tourism business. The climate is milder than in Egypt, and the rest the cost is cheaper than in the United Arab Emirates. Safari, beaches, wellness treatments, hike to the sights – all this is possible in Tunisia. There are several equipped tourist resorts, any of which you can spend an unforgettable vacation.

Bath stay in Monastir

One of the famous resorts of Tunis is Monastir. This is a relatively inexpensive resort with nice beaches and many historical attractions. The cozy city center – Medina, many golf courses are combined with the advantageous location of the resort close to the other place for recreation – a favorite resort of Sousse youth. Tourist Region, which ruled out of the city, made it possible to preserve the authentic atmosphere of the resort. Life here is flowing as well as long years ago, when in power was president Habib Bourguiba.

Resort Monastir Named in honor of the President of the International Airport has reduced its flights with the new air station in Enfidha. From here you can fly to Monastir on one of the domestic flights for one hour. You can also get to the resort of Monastir Airport Tunis called Tunis Carthage. The nearest airport from the hotel is within walking distance and a taxi to the most remote ones, can be reached in 5 minutes. There are flying everywhere and flocks of pink flamingos stroll, located colored ponds for evaporation of salt.

Mahdia Among the hotels in Monastir, there are three-star and Four, which are located near the sea. There is even a Star Hotels with a specific set of services for budget travelers. In the center of the spa vacation Skanes there are several five-star hotel complex and all inherent in this type of hotels services.

Mahdia – one of the best holiday destinations in Tunisia

Another great place to relax is the Tunisian resort of Mahdia. There are often lovers of secluded relaxation, as the resort is famous for its deserted beaches. Mahdia has only 30 thousand inhabitants, is located south of Sousse on the coast of the African Cape. Mahdia names derived from the word Mahdi – the savior. This name was given to the caliph Ubaid Allah, who was the founder of the Fatimid dynasty. Mahdia – Resort, whose infrastructure is not too wide, as, for example, in Sousse and Monastir.

Resort Sousse Mahdia Beach stretches for several kilometers, are famous pearly sand and clear sea water. The coast stretches area for leisure tourism, all kinds of hotel complexes to suit all tastes. Mahdia today – it’s the fishing port of Tunisia, with the only gain momentum in the development of tourist infrastructure. On Fridays, on the town quay opens bustling bazaar, there is also sew wedding dresses, and this famous city of Mahdia.

The resort town of Sousse – a favorite place of youth recreation

The capital of the eastern region of Tunisia and another city for vacation resort of Sousse draws its developed infrastructure, a variety of fine hotels, streets of Mdina and olive groves. The picturesque bay of Hammamet and Sousse a sheltered on the east coast of Tunisia. The city is located near the airport of Tunis, just 140 kilometers, and 12 kilometers from Monastir Airport. In the northern part of the resort of Sousse is a recreation area under the name of Port El Kantaun. Rest in this place on the Mediterranean coast has to his mild subtropical climate, sunny weather. Among the attractions of Sousse isolated monastery-fortress Ribat, Mdina, Grand Mosque, Museum, Kasbah. In August, in the resort of Sousse held D’Ossu festival, which is accompanied by a carnival procession.

Holidays in Tunisia
Legends about how Tunisian town got its name associated with the ancient times. Sousse is popular among young people, in Mahdia come to relax on the beach or go on an excursion, famous for the best Monastir tallasoterapii and good tourist infrastructure.
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Date Published: 03/20/2016

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