Vuokatti ski resort

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Vuokatti ski resort

Vuokatti Ski Resort, built in the spirit of modern times, the most in demand with tourists among Scandinavia resorts. The purpose of the base is the versatility of the owners, it is possible for both families and for youth or enterprise.

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For this purpose was created mass entertainment centers – Finnish and Turkish saunas, a tropical water park “Katin Kulta” with a variety of slides, children’s and adult swimming pools, and even a specific disco pool, the village of Santa Claus, dog sledding and snowmobiling, and of course same, skiing, ice skating, ice hockey, snowmobile, ice fishing. Few people remain out of work for such a variety. Well, if this is not enough, it offers golf, tennis, badminton, squash, bowling, gyms, fitness and aerobics.

On the slopes of Vuokatti ski resort built trails of varying complexity, which can ride both beginners and professionals.

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With its location, the resort has grown over time, is now a complex of cottages, hotels, shopping centers, beaches and sporting facilities, nightclubs and restaurants. Cabins may be located at some distance from the ski slopes, in seclusion, but this is not a problem for skiing fans – you quickly take a proper place special ski shuttle ski-bus, which runs every 15 minutes.

If you are first time on such a resort and have no idea how to stand on skis – it does not matter – at Vuokatti is a special ski school, where you will learn to ride; skis, poles, snowboards, you can get at the box office, it is not necessary to acquire their homes, and drag along the resort.

cozy house for tourists

In addition to staying at the resort, you can go on an excursion to the village of Santa Claus, in the arctic zoo, horse farm, reindeer sledding, go on a safari or fishing – well caught trout.

Nature in the vicinity of the ski resort Vuokatti shakes her beauty and noble. Magnificent huge hills surrounded by forests and lakes, clean frosty air. Ski season starts here in November and ends in late April. hillside equipped with indicators by which it is impossible to get lost in the woods.

Vuokatti ski resort
Vuokatti Ski Resort, in the Åland Islands. Resort in Finland Vuokatti - leisure, entertainment and attractions. The beautiful ski resort for sports holiday with your family.
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Date Published: 06/03/2016
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