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New hotel W opened near Seattle New hotel W opened near Seattle (8/22/2017) - Marriott International, hotel corporation, opened in the city Bellevue, located on the opposite shore of Lake Washington, a new hotel brand W. Related posts: In Belarus, opened the first hotel DoubleTree by Hilton In Las Vegas, opened W hotel In the Maldives, opened a new hotel New hotel opened in Beijing On the coast of […]
Wine Festival will be held in Prague Wine Festival will be held in Prague (8/22/2017) - September 16-17 in Prague will be pass wine festival Vinobraní na Pražském hradě, dedicated harvesting. By tradition, holiday for gourmet will unfold in the heart of the Czech capital – in the Royal Gardens of Prague Castle. Related posts: Balloon Festival will be held in Thailand In Tel Aviv will be held festival for gourmets […]
The Roman thermae of Caracalla are open for tourists at night The Roman thermae of Caracalla are open for tourists at night (8/22/2017) - From August 18 to October 3, on Tuesdays and Fridays, tourists will be able to visit one of the main attractions of Rome – the thermae of Caracalla – at night time. Related posts: Evening excursions are resumed in the Colosseum In Berlin will be open a new observation deck In Japan, the spa park […]

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Visit argentina Argentina Resorts - It’s difficult to visit Argentina and not to fall in love with its natural sceneries. They have a hypnotic and captivating effect. If combined with a stay in a remarkable place, it can exceed the traveler’s expectations. Related posts: Argentina Attractions Bali Resorts Hawaii Resorts Mar del Plata – Argentina Resorts of Austria
Gold Coast resort Gold Coast resort - The most popular tourist destination is the Gold Coast of Australia. The recreation area, stretching for 42 km along the coast is located in the state of Queensland. Related posts: Antalya, Turkey Resort Batumi Resort The resort of Protaras The resort of Rimini, Italy Аlbena resort Вulgaria

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Travel to England Travel to England - Travel to England! England – Great Britain island empire, which owned half of the world, the powerful state of the world leader, a country with a developed democracy, a great intelligence)))), high standard of living. And yet England – it’s rich culture and heritage. Related posts: Travel to Anguilla Travel to Barbados Travel to Burundi […]
Travel to Equatorial Guinea Travel to Equatorial Guinea - Travel to Equatorial Guinea! Equatorial Guinea boasts a large number of diverse vegetation. Amazing soil on the island of Bioko, formed by ashes of a long extinct volcano, is rich in micronutrients – it promotes active growth of vines and trees. As surprising, as it may seem, but the locals even hinder the growth of […]

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attractions Croatia Attractions Croatia - Croatia – a country in Central Europe, which occupies part of the Balkan Peninsula. The capital – Zagreb. Other major cities and resorts – Split, Rijeka, Dubrovnik, Pula. The western part of the country bordering the Adriatic Sea. Related posts: Croatia has opened a new adventure park Pakistan attractions Palermo Attractions Resorts in Croatia Travel […]
attractions Tunisia Attractions Tunisia - Tunisia – a country in Africa. It borders on the west with the State of Algeria, in the south-east – with Libya. In the north and east by the Mediterranean Sea. The capital – Tunis. Related posts: Attractions Morocco Holidays in Tunisia Malta attractions Naples Attractions The interesting facts about Tunisia