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Brussels Airport

The airport of Brussels restored the work of the railway line. It did not function exactly a month after the attacks of 22 March. Now, however, it is not used the new station, and the old, do not work for several years.

This decision was made due to the fact that the output of the new plant is a closed today for the reconstruction of the airport terminal hall. It is likely that the new station will open in May or June.

At the old station are not functioning elevators and escalators. Thus, passengers with luggage can be easier to use the buses. At the old station ticket office do not work, but vending machines are on duty and the staff of the Belgian railways.

Effective normal train schedule. However, the travel time to some areas of Brussels was reduced to a quarter of an hour thanks to the discovery April 4 tunnel Schuman-Josaphat in the west of the city. This allows you to get to the airport from Schuman station and Luxembourg, as well as from Charleroi, Namur and some other cities much faster. It should be borne in mind that the cost of parts and routes these tickets using a new tunnel increased.

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