The new luggage will be impossible to lose

The new luggage will be impossible to lose

Manufacturer Samsonite suitcases introduced a new radio beacon, which will be supplied with products of the company. Device Track & Go will allow the owner of the suitcase easy to keep track of his whereabouts.

To know at any time where there is a suitcase, a tourist will need to download and register in a special mobile application Travlr from Samsonite. Users will be able to calculate your luggage at a distance of 70 meters, and will be notified when it is moved closer to or farther from the owner.

If a suitcase “will disappear from the radar”, the owner can mark it as lost, and then the application uses its user base to help the tourist reunited with their luggage. When another user of the mobile application will be within 70 meters of the lost suitcase, the owner will receive a notice from the place of origin, where is your luggage. Thus, Samsonite uses extensive user community applications, so they can help each other to find and retrieve lost luggage safely and anonymously, she writes AsiaTravelTips.

The first suitcase with a beacon Track & Go will appear on the European market at the end of 2016, and then will go on sale in other continents.

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