Conca on the Isle of Man is saved for 2016

Conca on the Isle of Man is saved for 2016

The Government of the Isle of Man, situated between Ireland and Britain, found the possibility to extend for 2016 the only job in the world historic tram line. The route is operated without interruption for 140 years – since 1876.

In winter, the city council of Douglas – the island’s capital – has decided to close the line, citing chronic unprofitability (263,000 pounds in 2015). The decision has caused numerous protests and a number of petitions on the conservation of horse tram. As a result, the authorities of the island have found money for the summer season 2016, changing the route of the operator, but the future tram is still unclear.

In 2016 season tram will be longer than normal – until 30 October. However, nearly every day (except Mondays and sometimes other days), it is only open until 4 September. Further, the output becomes and Tuesday in October – also Thursday and Friday.

2.6-mile tram route running along the waterfront Douglas – one of the main attractions of the Isle of Man, along with other historical lines. The small island is different stunning original concentration of vehicles in continuous operation as a regular line and form to the same fact, a single network. In Maine, you can ride on the steam railway, change seats with her konku, with the latest – the historic interurban streetcar open wagons, and with it – the mountain tram.

Conca Isle of Man – the only continuously operated since the last century. Other existing now in the world Icon – in Victor Harbor in Australia – is restored and is only a short route along the pier. Single tickets on konku in Douglas is £ 3 (€ 4), day ticket for all transport of Maine, including modern buses, costs about 16 pounds (21 euros). A three-day ticket costs 32 pounds (42 euros), five – 39 pounds (51 euros). Maine has its own variation of the pound, however, the British pound sterling are also accepted in the ratio of 1:1.

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