10 best jazz clubs in Europe

10 best jazz clubs in Europe World Tourism News

10 best jazz clubs in Europe

The atmosphere of the most dynamic jazz clubs in Europe – Berlin and Brighton to Paris and Madrid – offers to experience the British newspaper The Guardian. Establishments in this list please even the most discerning connoisseurs of jazz.

10 best jazz clubs in Europe

Hot Clube de Portugal, Lisbon

The Hot Clube, founded in 1948 in the western capital of Europe, has performed with such stars as Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Dexter Gordon. A 22 and 24 February in this institution, which can accommodate 140 people, will be another jazz star – 89-year-old Lou Donaldson. After a fire in 2009 the club again opened its doors to the public, thanks to the support of businessmen and residents of Lisbon. The interior is made in a minimalist style, and is now the only fire kindle soloists on stage. The club is located a few steps from Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s central area, where you can meet many young music fans, students and tourists. This secluded spot is equipped with a terrace overlooking the courtyard. You should definitely go to the beginning of soloists – Andre Fernandez (guitar) and Mario Lagin (piano).

Address: 48 Praca da Alegria; Entrance 7.5 euros, beer – from 2.5 euros.

Harris Piano Bar, Krakow

By the early 20-ies of the XX century, jazz, like a fire engulfed the whole of Europe, and Poland was no exception, mixing jazz music with its traditional motifs, executed on the violin. But the Second World War became a stumbling block for all entertainment. After the war, against the background of reprisal jazz became a symbol of freedom and resistance. Today jazz is so popular that the famous American artists are often carried out in Poland for a few concerts. Harris Piano Bar – a small room (capacity – up to 70 people) in the center of a huge market square. It is in this club you can hear modern jazz, funk and blues, as well as fine dining (4 euros per dish). On weekdays, admission is free.

Address: 28 Market Square; Entrance 5.10 euros, beer – from 2.5 euros.

Donau 115, Berlin

The German capital can boast a large number of sites with live music of various genres. The most famous jazz clubs – A Trane and Zig Zag, where the best musicians perform. A small (capacity – 50 persons) and less popular club Donau 115 is located in a lively district Neukölln. Club program also includes high-quality post-bop jazz, and, according to the owners of establishments, it “cranks, worshipful Frank Zappa” plus “noisy, jerky acoustic performance.” The club is located on the first floor of the building, damaged by bombing during the war, the floors above were demolished and rebuilt, but the room Donau survived.

Address: Donaustrasse 115; Entrance is free but donations are encouraged to 5 euros, beer – from 2.5 euros. Live music from Wednesday to Saturday, and almost every Sunday.

Jazzhus Montmartre, Copenhagen

Copenhagen – jazz heaven, so he was called due to several clubs in the Danish capital. It all began in 1960 when local stars – such as bassist Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen – first came on the scene. Soon overseas musicians (Coleman Hawkins, Dexter Gordon and Ben Webster), moved by the warmth of the Scandinavian public, are frequent guests in Copenhagen. Jazzhus Montmartre – a non-profit institution funded by the state, attracting large Scandinavian and international jazz stars. The club is located in the city center, in a beautiful golden color with large windows. Nearby in Nyhavn is another great place Standard Jazz Club, which is headed by famous pianist Niels Lan Docks.

Address: Store Regnegade 19a; entrance from 25 euros (students – 13evro), beer – from 4 euros. Live music three times a week, it is advisable to book a table on the performances of popular artists.

Porgy and Bess, Vienna

Vienna has always been associated with Mozart, Haydn, Strauss, and few remember the Duke Ellington and Charlie Parker. However, times change, and are increasingly talking about their contribution to the art of jazz. Porgy and Bess – a modern club, more like a concert hall, designed to present the best jazz performers. You can hear the music to suit all tastes – from beginning musicians of Central Europe to the brilliant, inimitable virtuoso Arthur Sandoval and Paquito D’Rivera.

Address: Riemergasse 11; Entrance 20 euros, music – every day, vacation – from mid-July to late August.

The Verdict, Brighton

Do not think that jazz in the UK performed only at Ronnie Scott’s, which only manages to get elected (the tickets are very expensive, and they are snapping up long before the ideas). But do not despair! There are many other institutions: The Vortex, Jazz Cafe, The 606, The Hideaway… However, good jazz can be heard not only in the capital – not far from the resort of Brighton Pier and the local court is Club The Verdict (the name corresponds to the location). The ground floor of the building is a hall with 60 seats, decorated with photographs of legendary jazz musicians, where all the atmosphere is filled with jazz music. One floor above a café, which broadcast the performance. An interesting program and excellent acoustics attract the best club in the UK artists – saxophonist Mark Lockhart, pianist Liam Nobel, and even international stars such as Portuguese guitarist Vitor Pereira.

Address: 159 Edward Street; Input 13-20 euros, the students – 6.5 euros, beer – from 5 euros. Live performances of jazz on Fridays and Saturdays.

Reduta, Prague

Few jazz clubs can boast that they played the saxophone US president. The list of musicians who were playing in the Reduta club, you can see such famous names – Bill Clinton, Wynton Marsalis, Cecil Taylor and Ronnie Scott. It is worth noting that the club not far from Wenceslas Square Opened in 1957, while there is still the wind blew and the liberal revival. But tourists and locals come to the club every week to enjoy your favorite tunes. The room is spacious enough (capacity – 100 people) with good acoustics and a unique jazz atmosphere. A famous Pilsner served at the bar straight out of the saxophone.

Address: Národní třída 20; Input from 10.5 euros, beer – 2 euros.

Sunset Sunside, Paris

French jazz is different from US. Originally French variety Jazz – “gypsy jazz” or “jazz manouche” Django Reinhardt 1930 and “bal-musette”, in which the solo violin and accordion blended with overseas influences. But American musicians have always loved Paris. It is in this family-run jazz club, established in 1983 and owned by Jean-Marc and Michelle Porte acted Miles Davis. One of the halls in the style of New York 1950, and the other resembles a Parisian subway. On the same street there is another famous club – Duc de Lombard. Tickets should be booked in advance (proximity to the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris increases the popularity of establishments). For those who like to dance, you should visit the club Caveau de La Huchette, where the atmosphere swing 30-40 years of the twentieth century.

Address: 6 Rue des Lombards; input from 10 to 28 euros, beer – 5 euros. Live music every day after 19:00.

The Loft, Cologne

Pretty quiet street Ehrenfeld district of Cologne have become much busier in recent years, and the 25-year-old jazz club is thriving, offering a unique program of performances, both local and international musicians with an impeccable reputation. Owner Hans-Martin Müller – classical flutist, long time worked in the orchestra, but his love of jazz and the friendship with the musicians embrace this secluded spot under the roof inconspicuous house. This salon in the attic, where the musicians and the audience at ease talking and treat each other drinks.

Address: Wissmannstr 30; entrance – 9 euros (students – 5 euros), beer – 3 euros.

Cafe Central, Madrid

Spain is famous for its love of music (and it’s not just about guitars and castanets). Here respect of skilled musicians, masters of their craft, and the audience is always full of energy. The Cafe Central, located in a building of the XIX century, played jazz and blues since 1982. And it becomes clear why the club are high ceilings and elegant design of the Iberian. The club is located in the heart of Madrid on the Plaza del Angel area among the pedestrian streets, bars, restaurants and shops. Here perform popular jazz and “gypsy jazz” famous American musicians and local virtuosos famous for incredibly fast guitar playing.

Address: Plaza del Angel 10; input – 13 euros, beer – 4 Euro, snacks – from 10 euros. On performances from Thursday to Saturday it is advised to book a place.

10 best jazz clubs in Europe
The atmosphere of the most dynamic jazz clubs in Europe - Berlin and Brighton to Paris and Madrid - offers to experience the British newspaper The Guardian. Establishments in this list please even the most discerning connoisseurs of jazz.
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